Facebook finally launches 'dislike,' but only for Messenger

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Here is the one of the most awaiting feature introduced by the Facebook. After the launch of Like and Share button on year 2010, Facebook regularly updating itself. Moreover they have brought the major updates like Graph Search, New look of News feed, and many more.

Regular updating on itself, makes users to be connected and giving the whole new fresh look time to time.

So here is some thing new they are going to introduce, i.e, "Dislike". Yup, its right, Facebook have introduce the Dislike, but this is only available for Facebook Messenger.   Facebook isn’t introducing a full dislike button, the Messenger part of the service is getting a giant thumbs-down sticker as part of a free pack released this week.

You can check the Dislike sticker, at the Sticker Store on your chat box. As there is the high request of the Dislike button on the comments and status updates. 

So till then, you have to enjoy till your chat box.

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