Facebook introduce new Look for Like and Share button

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After the major updates from Google+, now Facebook also giving a new look to some of its products. As Google+ added number of new Features, which is much like by its users, So here Social networking site Facebook also given a new look to its Like and share Button.

On the blog post, Facebook officially announced the change that have been made. Facebook introduce Like Button on 2010 all over the world. And Facebook also specify that, Facebook Like and share button hits 22 billion times daily across more than 7.5 million websites.

So after 3 years, facebook had makeover the Like and Share button. It's having preety better look. You can check the below image how its look.
Facebook also says that, this new look is being applied on some of the countries, but will be available for every users in coming weeks. As now users are seeing the same, old Like and share button, but will be automatically gets update after the roll out of the features.
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