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China’s central bank hit by Cyber Attack - Blame Bitcoin users

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Now a days, bitcoin is currently on the news. The rise in the value of this Price have made the headlines of the news. Within a week bitcoin values has been double and reached to $1073 for each bitcoin, a month ago. On the same, a week ago, China Central bank have against the use of Bitcoin and refered it as a illegal currency.
With the same matter, on Wednesday, China’s central bank was the target of a hacking attack, and for this media is blaming to the angry Bitcoin users. The official site of People’s Bank of China (PBOC) went down, possibly due to an attack by bitcoin traders after the central bank curbed bitcoin transactions in China, the state-run China News Service said.

Some of the Ineternet users claims that, central bank was hit by a DDoS [distributed denial-of-service] attack. BTC38, a Chinese bitcoin exchange,  also mentioned in a statement that, there site has also been DDOS several time.

One time the PBOC and several top regulatory agencies have mention in the joint statement that, "Bitcoin is not the real currency. And that Chinese financial institutions and payment processors shouldn’t handle bitcoin transactions".
The central bank also warned several third party service, not to make any of the transaction and not to provide service for bitcoin exchange.

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