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Critical Vulnerability: Buy Any Product on eBay in just 0.01 USD

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Another researcher from India name as "Ishwar Prasad Bhat" have discover the critical vulnerability on the Indian eBay website ( This vulnerability allows the users to buy any product of what ever amount just in Re. 1 ($0.01).

Yeah that's right, any product from eBay in just Re.1. Ishwar have reported the vulnerability to the eBay's team, unfortunately Ishwar didn't get any reward amount for this as eBay didn't have any Bug Bounty Program as like Facebook, Google and Microsoft.

Now the eBay security team have patched the vulnerability yesterday, as Ishwar reported.
But eBay team have acknowledged his name on the Responsible Disclosure Acknowledgements List. Check the list of the researcher name on the eBay Acknowledged page.

Ishwar is just an 18 year old first year student of Veltechmulti Tech Engineering collage at Avadi, city of Chennai,India.

This is not the first time that Indian researcher have reported critical vulnerability on the major organisation sites. Earlier another Indian researcher, Arul Kumar have reported a critical vulnerability on Facebook that allows the attacker to delete other users photos. For this vulnerability Facebook rewarded $12,500 to Arul Kumar as a bug bounty reward. 
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