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Bangladesh Twitter, Norton, Sony Ericsson and other high profiled sited hacked

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Once again Pakistan hacker are targeting high profiled sites. After the hack of the several Google domain and Rwanda high profiled sites Pakistan hackers are continuously hacking high profiled sites.

A hacker with the online handle "1337" from "Mad Leets" hackers Group from Pakistan have hacked several high profiled domain of Bangladesh, which includes Bangladesh Twitter, Norton, Sony Ericsson, Nintendo, Volvo.

After going through the DNS records of the twitter Bangladesh, it is cleared that hackers have user the DNS poisoning techniques to hack the domains. Same techniques was used before also to hacked Google Kenya and Burundi domains. Hackers have hijacked the DNS name server and changed the DNS name server to there own custom DNS name server.

List of the sites got hacked are
At the time of writing all the sites are unreachable and  all the sites are taken down, but the DNS records of the sites are still showing the hackers DNS name server. You can check the mirror of the hack here.
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