What's New on the News Feed of Facebook

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As we all know that Facebook have make a new change on there news feed. This change is one of the big changes of the Facebook yet done by the Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook have made this change in focus of mobile users. This make the Facebook more open and user connected to the site.
After launching the Graph Search this change have been done for the new look of the site, says Facebook.
Developer of the new News feed of Facebook "Robyn Morris" says that with this new look users can enjoys the better and big views of the photos. He also mentioned that with this designed users can see more and more content on their news feed.

As I have already mentioned in my previous post how to join for the new News Feed design.
Facebook already mentioned that this change has been made on focusing for  mobile users, so hence the look of the site will also be new in mobile devices. Mobile users will also enjoy this new look of the Facebook. Look at the desktop PC will same on the mobile device also.

What's New on the News Feed

Content based feeds
With this new design there will not be one news feed, rather user will continuously received content based news feed.
This News feed have divided into some sections..
  • All Friends:- By this feed user can see their all friends status updates and shared links.
  • Photos:- With feed user can see the photos shared by their friends and also the pages that you have liked.
  • Music:- By this feed user get connected with music content which you like and which your friends like. Users will also get the information about the favorite  artist and the information shared by their favorite artist. 
  • Following:- By this users will get the information regarding the details of the users or page that you liked or that you are following.
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