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Sign up for the new Facebook News Feed

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As there is the latest news going through that Facebook is coming with the news for their "News Feed" and today was the day for the change. The Facebook team has finally done all the things for the change. I was right there to provide you the live streaming of the "News feed changing event" but unfortunately while writing we missed the streaming. But have another option for the changing of the look.

The new look is simply awesome, and I like that too. The New look gives a big size to the photos, quick access to all your feeds, and an awesome look on both your PC and mobile. As the Facebook team says that they are doing this change, especially for mobile users for their convenience, so users can also enjoy this change on their mobile phones.

The Facebook team said the new News Feed would slowly begin rolling out today, with tweaks being made along the way to ensure a solid user experience for all users. If you're the adventurous type and want to try it out, you can join the waiting list to get early access.

Joining up for the new Facebook News feed is very easy..:

  • Click on the "Try the new look" over the green button.

That's it and you are done. You will be notified when the change will be done.

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