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Wireless magic of Android

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Your Android phone is not only a phone, it is also a small computer. With Android phone you can access to PC and also make it WiFi router. Additionally it can be also use as T.V, Data Server, Webcam, Touch pad etc..
Know what your powerful Android device can do?

1) Make WiFi Router

If your Android phone have 2G or 3G data service  then you can access internet from other WiFi enabled devices. It is very simple in Android device. To activate this feature goto Setting options>>Wireless Network Tab>> tethering and portable hotspot. Make Hotspot on. After activation you can share connection with other device. But before activating this feature please make your battery charged fully.

2) Control your PC

This is the android magic that you can control your PC remotely by your Android phone. In phone, with the help of user Network, User can access the interface of desktop PC. Remote PC, Android-VNC-viewer, Team viewer are such apps that can be download from play store and can access PC or a notebook. Firstly install VNC server into the PC and after that with the help of android-VNC-viewer you can access interface of PC.

3) Convert your Phone to Touch Pad

You can use your touch Android phone as like PC's mouse and keyboard. With the help of RemoteDroid and Gpad which can be download from play store, you can convert your phone to PC's mouse or Keyboard. This apps converts the cursor of PC. Additionally, if there is inbuilt keyboard on phone then user can type like keyboard also.

4) Make wireless Speaker

You can play songs or any audio file of PC to android phone speaker. Sound Wire is one of the apps which can be downloaded from play store. Same software, user have to install in the PC also. [Download for PC]. After installation, run the software and it will show a IP address. After that run the sound wire app on android and put the IP address there. Now you can play your songs on Android phone.

5) Make Webcam

If you want to make web chat or video conference then just download Droid Cam application from Google play store and convert your phone into web cam. just connect your phone by WiFi connection. Goto and signup free account and download apps on smart phone and login with user name and password on your phone. You can broadcast live stream of your video and share it to your friends circle. [Read more].

6) Make Data Server.

It is not easy to carry USB cable always on your pocket, and thus you cannot transfer data from PC to phone or Phone to PC. Just download FTPDroid or FTP server apps from play store and convert your phone to Ftp or Web server  If you own small website then you can manage your site from phone also and can upload files from phone also by its FTP server. There is special feature on this app that you can connect Notebook, PC or other device also.

7) Make Torrent Downloader.

If you use Bit torrent then, you can also use your phone to download torrent files. There are many torrent apps which can be use in Android phone. From Google play store download Utorrent and install it on your phone. It is better to use torrent on WiFi connection for cheaper and effective use,

8) Make a Spy camera.

You can also convert your phone to Spy or Severance camera. For this you can download IPWebcam from play store and install it. It starts automatic streaming and you can see it on VLC player or play live feed on any browser. You can click the picture also from it.

9) Live Streaming on T.V.

With the help of DLNA or Digital Living Network Alliance you can play your saved video , picture or movies of your phone. Bubble Upnp is the app, which can be download from the play store. For this your T.V should be capable of DLNA. You can also access to the content of DLNA tablet or HTPC . This app connects the both device with WiFi connection.

10) SMS alert on PC.

When your phone gets discharged and you want to read the urgent message then you can access your message and call detail from your PC. For this Mighty text is the software. With the help of this user can instant access of all message and call detail, or you can send sms from PC also.

Till now hope you know what can your Android phone do. 
Note:- All  the apps and software download links are from Google play store and which are free of cost.

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