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Protect your data and Password Safe

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In today's digital age, login id and password are essential for every one. But there is more chance to get hack or of unsecured, and to keep it safe and secure it is little bit difficult. There are many software and apps available for free by which users can protect their data, information  or any confidential data with password or any master password for all data.
[Note:- Here I will give a brief light on windows PC and some cross platform from software. In next post I will describe for Android, Iphone or windows phones also.]

For Windows PC

1) Roboform:- Roboform helps to fill the web form automatically. Which ever sites needs for login, then user can save that site on Roboform. There is a option of bookmarks also.
Its main features is "Identities". Here users can save all the confidential detail like detail of credit card, Passport details, or bank accounts passwords, and  users can access these details from anywhere. As users fills login form, Roboform automatically fills all the details in a seconds. Its supports Iphone and Android also.
Official site :-
Download :-  Here

2) Axcrypt:- For windows users Axcrypt is the better option. This is opensource application solution, and user can integrate this with windows explorer. To protect any files or folder just right click on that item and choose encryption option. Users can use portable version of it in flash drive also.
Official site :-
Download :- Here

3) True Crypt :- This is one of my favorite tool and more secure also. This is also a Open source Software. The main feature of True Crypt is , it can encrypt the whole partition drive. Users can encrypt the full one or two local disk of your computer. Its Encryption is much better also. With True Crypt users can make a virtual encrypted disk also.
One of the great things in True Crypt is that user can encrypt the data of USB devices also without installing True Crypt.
The Detail use of the True Crypt is described by the institution called "INNOBUZZ". We thanks to give this awesome video tutorial of True Crypt

Official Site :-
Download :- Here

4) Crypt4Free :- Crypt4Free is also a free software by which windows users can protect their data secure in a simple way. This software compress the data size also which is sends through E-mail, which takes small space.
Official site:-
Download:- Here

5) Mypadlock :- This is the better option for save the passwords. MYpadlock encrypt the passwords or data in 128 bit encryption, which can be accessable by a master password.
Official site:-
Download :- Here

6) MEO :- It can be used in both Mac or Windows operating system. It supports files likes MSword, pdf documents etc.
Official site:-
Download :- Here

7) Cryptainer LE :- Cryptainer makes a kind of wallet or container to store the data. It encrypts the data in 448 bits and it also have drag and drop option. It works on windows 32 bit and 64 bit plateform. As its mobile version also supports USB, and flash drive also. By this users can send secure email also.
Official site:-
Download :- Here

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