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Facebook hacker Cup Qualification Round results

Facebook hacker Cup Qualification Round results , Facebook hacker Cup 2013 results, Facebook hacker cup qualification round

As there Facebook hacker cup tournament is going on, this is the one of the best competition for the hackers and programmer community. This is officially hosted by the Facebook. Here you can learn more things and check you skill levels. It has been started and 2 day before there were qualification round being held. Regular update of the competition is updating n its official page HERE.
As yesterday Facebook has announced the results of the Qualification Round 2013. Many people have applied for it. Qualification round was of 72 hrs, and many of them have successfully passed the round.   There are three question in the tropic related
Beautiful stringsBalanced SmileysFind the Min
 and many of them have successfully given the all the three answer. But In this Round 3392 candidate(Approx) have only selected. The total candidate applied for the Competition was 11392 person (Approx) 

Top 5 name of the candidate that have successfully completed the Round with the time taken to complete are
Mark - 50:28
Ivan - 1:02:58
Aliaksei - 1:14:49
Casey - 1:16:24
Stephen - 1:34:32
To see the Full list of the candidate who have completed the Round Click here

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