Basic Key factors in website development

Basic Key factors in website development
Before you settle down to developing your website you need to have a well thought out plan ahead of you. This will ensure the success of the website once it is up and running. The design of your website has a lot to do with the way visitors perceive it once it is done. A number of aspects go into ensuring the success of your website.

Display of information
Anyone coming to your site wants to find information in an easy and quick manner. Most people will not spend a lot of time on a page that does not offer information in an easy manner. This is a very important factor for you to consider when designing your website as it is what will ensure you have people coming back for more information after the initial visit.

Content for your site

A lot depends on what you hope to achieve with the content that you have on your website. Content is mainly targeted at the people who visit your site and what it is they find there. There is also the consideration of how you rank on the search engines as well. Tools such as keywords can be used to help your site attract more visitors on search engines.

Color scheme

One of the best attractions to your site is having the right colors in place. You do not want to deviate from the information on display thereof but also should not override the purpose of it with too much color. Choose suitable colors and images for your product or service to help enhance the effectiveness of your site. It is how well you are able to get the message across that matters when it comes to good website development at the end of the day.

Layout design

For people to access information on your site a good layout is necessary. This is what will make information accessible to visitors and should be as simple as possible. Even the most inexperienced visitor should be able to find what they are looking for a short while on your website.

A lot of what goes into website development requires the hand of an expert. It is hard for a layman to get it right on first trial and many people seek out experts to help them build their websites. A look at Magicdust Review reveals that our team has a good standing when it comes to building websites for clients. Having done countless similar jobs with our team, we offer much more than merely putting up a website for you. Consideration goes into our work as we regard details of the website before the job begins. All factors are taken into consideration by our team to ensure that we capture every detail pertaining to your business beforehand.

It is worth investing into expertise when it comes to one of the most important marketing tool for your business. We have what it takes to build a successful website for any individual or company that requires our help.

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Apple's Mac is Open Source Now

Apple's Mac is Open Source Now
Now everyone one turning to Open Source, as earlier Microsoft have announced that it is bringing Linux to Windows 10 by adding Bash Shell for porting SQL Server.

Here's again competition going and Apple won't going behind it. Apple announced open sourcing its Swift programming language last year. Now it has shocked the world by announcing that it is going to open source its flagship Mac OS X operating system.

Speaking at Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), on April 1st, Apple CEO Tim Cook said:
At Apple, we have always valued Open Source. We used BSD Kernel without even using BSD license. That was the first step towards Open Source. With Swift going Open Source, it is time to take the next big step and open source OS X. This will ensure our position as the leader of Open Source innovation.
The Free and Open Source version of OS X will be called FOSX.

Tim Cook further added that the OS X always meant Open Source X and the new F in FOSX stands for Free as in ‘weekly FREE App on Apple Store’. He also said that open source version of OS X will be fully compatible with Apple hardware. and if you buy a MacBook or iMac, it will come free with it.
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Warning! First iOS malware found

Warning! First iOS malware found
Its been seen that iOS device is much effective as compared to Android regarding security issue. But now iOS device is also in danger.

Security company Palo Alto Networks announcedit found a Trojan that exploits flaws in Apple’s DRM without needing to abuse enterprise certificates, and they’re calling it “AceDeceiver.” Currently, AceDeceiver only activates when the device’s geotag is in China.

The process for how the malware works is a little complicated. According to Palo Alto Networks, AceDeceiver uses a mechanism called FairPlayMan-in-the-Middle, where attackers purchase apps and save the authorization code needed for it to work on an iOS device. People who download the client AiSiHelper, a program that mimics iTunes, will now be in possession of an infected computer. When they plug in their iOS device, attackers can send an authorization code to trick a victim’s device to make it believe it purchased the app, and then it will download it.

Once the app has been downloaded on a victim’s phone, it will prompt them for their Apple ID and password, which the attacker's then have access to.

According to Palo Alto Networks, this method has been used to pirate apps before, and this is the first time FairPlay MITM has been used maliciously. It also said the method is pretty simplistic, and is likely to be copied by other attackers. AceDeceiver could also be easily changed to work in regions besides China, although the security company said its region-locked activation makes it harder to be discovered by Apple or security firms.

Palo Alto Networks said that it notified Apple about AceDeceiver in late February and the AceDeceiver apps were promptly removed from the App Store.
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Team GhostShell founder came with his Identity

Team GhostShell founder came with his Identity
Hackers group, hacking FBI, Pentagon, security
World's most nitrous hackers group Team GhostShell - which are behind some major cyber attacks including attacks on the FBI, NASA and the Pentagon as well as a leak that saw 2.5 million Russian “government, educational, academic, political and law enforcement” accounts compromised, now came forward and gives its own identity.

GhostShell was most active in 2012, penetrating the aforementioned hacks on US and Russian intelligence agencies, but the silence that came in the three years between their last public attack and the subsequent return wasn’t quite the death of the group that many thought it would be.

G Razwan Eugen, was the man behind the Team GhostShell. Eugen came forward with a generic email address named White Fox that claimed to be the leader of the infamous hacker collective.

He contacted to TWN security writer Bryan Clark, and Clark joined some other security journalist of wired, telegraph on the discussions. 
Without wasting a time all started discussions and verifying the claim (hacker). Verifying hackers is and always has been a tricky proposition. While it’s simple to verify that this person is a member of GhostShell, tying his true identity to that of a hacker pseudonym is infinitely more difficult.
Hackers, after all, are notoriously careful about keeping the two identities separate — OpSec mistakes in this crucial step are generally what lead to arrest.

To prove the true identity, he wrote story on mail (check below image), and also provide couple of account login screenshots like Twitter and Pastebin.

Group Pastebin account

Official Twitter account

Twitter account was used by the official GhostShell Twitter account (@TeamGhostBin) to disseminate leaked information before its suspension.

As this is not enough to prove the true identity, hence we can't relay on this.
Eugen told Bryan-
“I just want to own up to my actions, face them head on and hope for the best. What I really want is to continue being part of this industry. Cybersecurity is something that I enjoy to the fullest even with all the drama that it brings and legal troubles.
In return I hope other hackers and hacktivists take inspiration from this example and try to better themselves. Just because you’ve explored parts of the internet and protested about things that were important to you doesn’t mean you should be afraid and constantly paranoid of the people around you.”
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Download Android N, Steps to Flash it

Download Android N, Steps to Flash it
Android N features, specs of Android N
We all know that Google had surprised everyone with announcement of the latest version of its mobile operating system, Android N Developer Preview. There are still two months to have Google I/O, but Google is clearly ready for the preview version of Android N.

As till yet only developer version had only been released, so we all have a doubt before flashing it to our regular using handset. Then also if you like to give a try with Android N, then here you find the link to the factory images for the Nexus 5X, Nexus 6, Nexus 6P, Nexus 9, Nexus 9 LTE, Nexus Player, and Pixel C, along with instructions on how to flash them.

Good luck!

Instructions for flashing factory images found here.
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The Pentagon Wants You to Hack It

The Pentagon Wants You to Hack It
Hacking Pentagon system, Pentagon system hacked
US Defense team know as Defense Digital Service(DDS), which was established last year to bring US technology experts into the military, initiate the competition is called ‘Hack the Pentagon’, where they invites security experts and hackers to hack the Pentagon system.

The Pentagon has announced that it’s going to welcome outside hackers to help identify vulnerabilities in US Defense Department websites.

Currently US Defense Department has used internal “red teams” to test its networks but it hopes that by calling on external hackers, it will be able to deliver more comprehensive solutions.

Mean while the Pentagon hasn’t revealed any details of how the competition will work, it has said that it expects thousands of qualified applicants to get involved. There is also the possibility that it will involve a financial reward.

But to get into the competition is also not easy, as hackers have submit there background expertise to get into it.
Given that the DDS wants to bring more technology experts into the US military, it’s not out of the question that the winning hackers may end up with a change in career by the end of the project as well.
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Know what Security Scanning of 396 Open Source Web application says: Infographic

Know what Security Scanning of 396 Open Source Web application says: Infographic
According to the latest reports of NetSparker , where they mentioned that since 2011 they had scanned 396 Open Source Web Applications with there automatic Web Application Vulnerability Scanner. In the vulnerability scanning they identified 269 issues and released 114 zero-day advisories. On this test conducted, only 30% of the open source web applications we scanned had some sort of direct impact vulnerability.

Top Most Vulnerabilities are:
Out of the 269 vulnerabilities the Netsparker web vulnerability scanners identified:
180 were Cross-site Scripting vulnerabilities. These include reflected, stored,DOM Based XSS and XSS via RFI.

55 were SQL Injection vulnerabilities. These also include the Boolean and Blind (Time Based) SQL Injections.

16 were File Inclusion vulnerabilities, including both remote and local file inclusions.

The rest of the vulnerability types are CSRF, Remote Command Execution, Command Injection, Open Redirection, HTTP Header Injection (web server software issue) and Frame injection.

Infographic about Report
Please include attribution to NetSparker | Cyber Kendra with this graphic.

Security test of Web Applications
Again XSS and SQLi are on top
Cross-site scripting vulnerabilities amount to 67% of all the identified vulnerabilities. SQL Injection vulnerabilities amount to 20% of the vulnerabilities. Together, these two vulnerability types amount to 87% of all the identified vulnerabilities.

Cross-site scripting and SQL Injection vulnerabilities have been included in the OWASP Top 10 since the project started, mainly because they are very easy to find and also very easy to exploit. And yet, even after years of raising awareness about these vulnerabilities, the majority of the web applications we use are vulnerable to these type of vulnerabilities.
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Creating Effective Video Tutorials from Scratch

Creating Effective Video Tutorials from Scratch
Making video, video tutor, video recording
Are you tired of having to explain to your less-tech-savvy friends the basics of cyber security? If you’d rather save yourself from having to go through the trouble of repeating the same thing over and over (and over) again, why not create short cyber-security tutorials that show and tell them what to do?

To create these cyber-security tutorials, all you need is:

1. Screen capture software
Seeing as it is a cyber-security tutorial, screen capture is the perfect way to ‘show’ people what they should be doing, and to make videos using screen capture, you need software that supports it.

2. Microphone
Suffice to say you’re going to need a voiceover to guide people through your tutorial and to record one you’ll need a microphone.

Once you have these two items, you can get started. It would help to plan your tutorial in advance and ‘script’ it out – so to speak. If you like you can start by writing down the steps that will form the meat of the tutorial and then refine and flesh them out into scenes. Each scene will form the basis of a full-fledged script that not only covers the voiceover but also what actions are going to be performed on-screen while that’s going on.

When you’re ready you can record the tutorial, and then edit it to tweak and adjust any issues. Also when you’re editing the tutorial you could add and enhance the video to give it a certain amount of polish so that it looks both attractive and professional.

One of the easiest ways to accomplish all of this is with the Movavi Video Suite. It will give you a set of powerful tools that will help you to create effective cyber-security tutorials from scratch, and will let you:

  • Capture video footage directly from your screen (or via webcam or other devices too).
  • Cut and combine video segments to get rid of unwanted footage or merge clips together.
  • Enhance the video quality and correct common issues with recordings.
  • Insert audio tracks for voiceovers and background music.
  • Apply animated transitions between scenes, special effects and filters to alter the visual appearance and style of the video.
  • Add customizable text to create captions, subtitles or watermarks.

When you’re done creating and editing your video, the Movavi Video Suite will let you save and optimize it with ease – thanks to the hundreds of presets that are built in to the software. Considering these presets include support for mobile devices as well as popular online video sharing platforms such as YouTube, you should easily find one that fits.

Using all the features present in the Movavi Video Suite, you should have no problem creating an impressive tutorial that covers the basics (or even more advanced elements) of cyber-security. In fact, you may find that the results are polished and professional enough that you feel it is worth uploading it to YouTube and sharing it with others as well – and it may even earn you some decent revenue in the process.

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Ringing Bells CEO Speaks out for freedom251

 Ringing Bells CEO Speaks out for freedom251
Everyone knows about Freedom251 mobile, which most cheapest mobile phone till yet. And its making headlines over every media from couple of days. There were many thing saying about the handset price and also pointing out to be a scam. For these topics finally Ringing Bells CEO, Ashok Chadha, has spoken out about the Freedom 251 smartphone.

Here are some of few question that were answered by him :

Q1. There seems a problem with the payment gateway while ordering the phone from the website. Why and How soon will it be resolved? Has the sales stopped permanently?
Ashok Chadha: This problem occurred on morning of 18/2 consequent to the pleasant deluge of viewers where even the high performance Servers of our Payment Gateway and our main Server Providers could not cope! [There were 20 lacs requests on 18/2 at the peak load and the total no. of registrations received on the day were 3,70,15,000!] We addressed the problem on a 'war footing' and with the help of our associates, were back on-line by 06.00 hrs by morning of 19/2! Registrations have continued smoothly thereafter.

Q2. How many handsets have been sold so far?
AC: 30,000-plus, and these were on Day 1 reflecting the fact that our Payment Gateway could not support the Transaction Load, and as per guidelines that are deposited in the Nodal Account with the Payment gateway, the company will claim payment only after submission of Delivery Proof. We have 3.70 crore registrations on Day 1 and 2.47 crores on Day 2, as of 19:49 hrs.

Q3. Why has Freedom 251 got Adcom branding on the front panel? Is it being manufactured by Adcom? And why was the branding covered by a whitener? What was that for? Even if it was just for demo and a sample phone why did the company fringe into other company products for that, why could not they just order fresh samples from where ever they were trading?

AC: We just wanted to show a sample/prototype of what the handsets will look like. This is not the final piece. We obviously wanted to provide "Made in India" handsets as that is the core of our vision. We did a quick and intensive search and located the components but not the touch plate (panel), we faced a problem in view of the fragile nature in addition to the scratch-proof requirements of the piece. ADCOM is an India Company and we were able to source from them. In view of the shortage of time and given that these were to serve only as prototypes given FOC to a limited List of persons, we went ahead. We would clearly mention that the Final Freedom 251 manufactured/ assembled in India would be to identical specs, i.e., no change! There maybe some changes in curvature/ buttons placements for aesthetics, if at all.

Q4. Deeper media investigation suggests Adcom is a local manufacturer of IT products and their spokesperson had no clue that their product is being re-branded and sold like this. This can be a potential lawsuit.
AC: You may speak to Mr Sanjiv Bhatia - the Director of ADCOM - and he would confirm the true version to you.

Q5. The promised pre-loaded apps of fisherman and farmers and woman safety are not present on the mobile handset that the media received.

AC: These will be on the "Final Freedom 251" with our custom designed new UI.

Q6. The user interface icons are exactly like Apple's iPhone including icons like web browsers, etc., which can be construed as copyright infringement.
AC: As will be noted on a closer look, that the UI, even on the prototype, is not identical to Apple. In any case we will have our custom designed new UI for our Final Freedom 251.

Q7. The phone is not listed on the BIS certifications page, why is this?
AC: Application is under filing and we expect to have the Certification in hand well before delivery commences.

Q8. All 3G devices are supposed to be registered with Qualcomm as part of the licensing agreement, but the Freedom 251 is not showing up, why is this?
AC: At present, we are using Spreadtrum Chip set, then why do we need to register with Qualcomm?

Q9. The phone is running on Android, but is not showing on a list on Android partners either. Why is this?

AC: We are registered with Google Android Developers Platform. Screenshot below.

Q10. If the actual phone is not ready, why was a rebranded, different phone given to the media? Is the much hyped Freedom 251 a concept in the air only?
AC: When we design a concept, we produce a prototype to demonstrate. Then we test the acceptability from the Target Audience. Once this is accepted, we take this prototype to the design house to design the chipset, the mould, and then we decide on the actual add-ons like the buttons, the colour, screen quality, etc. We did not distribute the handsets, we handed over the prototypes FOC to assess the acceptability and vaiidate our concept.

Q11. How is Indian government partnering with a company with no proven track record? BJP MP Kirit Somaiya has raised questions and written to both TRAI and Min. of Telecom to investigate the issue. This follows mobile industry body Indian Cellular Association (ICA) letter to Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad yesterday to get into depth of the issue, saying the rate could not be below Rs 3,500 even after a subsidised sale. They are willing to give all the technical assistance.

AC: The Indian Government is not partnering (with) the company. We will comply with all required regulations of TRAI & telecom authorities in India.

Q12. What about the other handsets? People have been complaining about no delivery or even an order confirmation? Is this just a con game?
AC: We have delivered Rs 1.7 crores worth of phones so far. In addition, PayU [Payment Gateway] has received Rs 1.75 crores against our dandset online bookings of Phase 1 and here, as we have committed, we will claim our money only after we complete delivery on Feb 25, 2016, and submit Proof of Delivery.

Q13. Some media persons reaching the Ringing Bells Pvt. Ltd. Noida office found it to be deserted. Is it even a genuine company with manufacturing plant?
AC: Our Corporate Office is at B44, Sector 63, Noida 201301. All are welcome to come to our office, and we will be privileged to greet you!
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