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What is Hamster Kombat and How to Earn More?

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Hello and welcome! In this post, we will discuss Hamster Kombat, which is currently a sensation in the Telegram-based gaming world.

We will discuss its history, how it works, and why it is so trendy. Without wasting any more time, let's dive into something interesting.

What is Hamster Kombat?

So the first thing that might come to mind after reading "Hamster Kombat" is that it should be an arcade game. But it is not. It is a telegram based crypto game that has a little touch of a clicker game.

Again, I repeat that it is not a click-to-earn game but a crypto exchange game in which you operate as the CEO of a virtual crypto exchange and have to earn "HMSTR" tokens by tapping on your hamster avatar. Your motive as a virtual CEO is to take your virtual exchange to the next level. The game will provide a lot of ways to earn coins.

Hamster Kombat background

Recently, Telegram announced its gaming concept. In this way, people can play directly on Telegram, and developers can develop games that can be played directly on Telegram.

As you know, Telegram is famous for several things, and crypto mining is one of them. So people started to develop games that allow users to earn crypto directly through Telegram and those two in a gamified way.

We have created a dedicated page for Hamster Daily Cipher Codes and Combo codes which will be regularly updated. All Hamster Kombat solutions are in one place. 😋

Why is Hamster Kombat so trending?

It's not like Hamster Kombat is in style. Instead, there is a trend in this domain that is going on. We have seen a lot of similar examples before Hamster Kombat that had become social media sensations. One of the examples is "Not Coin," which is also a telegram-based click-to-earn game in which users have to keep clicking our virtual currency and complete several in-game tasks to earn tokens.

Later, the earned tokens can be used to exchange with coins at a crypto exchange if the project gets listed on any exchange.

Hamster Kombat reaches 200 million users

Hamster Kombat claims to have gained 200 million users in three months

Hamster Kombat game is so successful that it has 200 million new users in three months. By observing the trend and idea here, we got Hamster Kombat, which is a similar kind of game but a little bit more unique than previous games.

Features of Hamster Kombat:

  • Engage in Earn-to-Play Battles: Participate in exciting battles and complete various in-game tasks to earn HMSTR coins.
  • Unique NFT Hamsters: Own and trade unique hamster NFTs, each one representing a character within the game, on the marketplace.
  • Simulated Crypto Market Experience: Operate a virtual cryptocurrency exchange that mimics real-world crypto market trends and behaviours.
  • Global Multiplayer Challenges: Compete against friends or other players from around the world in thrilling online multiplayer battles.
  • Invite Friends for Extra Rewards: Use the referral system to invite friends and earn additional in-game rewards.
  • Personalization Features: Customize your hamster with various outfits, accessories, and weapons to make it truly unique.
  • Charming Hamster Selection: Choose from an array of adorable hamster characters, each possessing unique abilities.
  • High-Octane Combat: Take part in intense, fast-paced battles set in dynamic arenas filled with various obstacles.
  • Special Daily Promotions: Invest in specific daily upgrades to gain up to 5 million in-game coins.

How do I get started with Hamster Kombat?

  1. Create a Telegram account: As it is a Telegram-based game, the first thing that you have to do is make a Telegram account if you already don't have one.
  2. Search for the "Hamster Kombat" bot: Once you have successfully created your account, you have to search for the "Hamster Kombat" bot or directly head to this link.
    Make sure to only select the bot with a verified tick on it. There can be several fake bots. They will only waste your time. You can directly hit to the above shared link also.
  3. Start Game: After that, you will see a "Start" button. Simply click on it, and a game interface will shown on your screen. Simply follow the steps on the screen and you are done. Just start playing it and earn coins😊
You can also check our dedicated page for the Daily Cipher and Daily Combo updates. You can be the first to get the Daily Cipher and Daily Combo answers.

How to Play Hamster Kombat and Earn

Show that the first thing that you can do after successfully registering for the game is to tap, which is the most basic concept of this game. You just need to tap on your hamster avatar and increase your tokens. Increasing tokens means increasing your money.

Play Hamster Kombat and Earn

The Hamster Kombat team has already announced that Airdrop will depend on the profit per hour and some other activity parameters that will be revealed later, NOT the coin balance.

So to increase your Profit Per Hour, you have to purchase the cards under the Mine menu and upgrading cards will increase your earning potential and unlock several other features as well.

Hamster Kombat Cards

Apart from the above discussed options, the game also has three exciting options to earn more coins.

  • Daily Rewards
  • Daily Cipher
  • Daily Combo

You can also participate in daily activities, cipher and combos to earn more coins. You can earn 1 million from Daily Cipher and 5 million coins from combo participation.

Quick Earning Tips😜 You can join our Telegram or WhatsApp channel where we regularly share Daily Cipher and Daily Combo answers 😄. So head to it!

Furthermore, there is a Boost option down below your Hamster avatar, where you will get a daily free booster to increase your earnings. You can also increase your click rates and energy limit (like a bucket) to mine and earn more and more coins.

How to withdraw Hamster Coins?

Now the main question that arises in everyone's mind is How to withdraw the earned coins? For this, I would like to mention that currently game allows you to add a Ton wallet to the game. So you will require a "TON Wallet" to withdraw your earnings. 

There are several wallets available, such as Tonkeeper, Tonhub, MyTonWallet, etc. You can pick any one of them. You can directly go to your Hamster Kombat account and link your Ton wallet with it.

Currently, Convert Coins, withdraw or sell is not available but the Hamster team hinted that the project is soon going to list on multiple crypto exchanges.

Hamster Kombat Reaches

As the project has already crossed 200 million users in three months, you can imagine the success of the project. Not only that, Hamster Kombat claims to be the third-fastest app in history to onboard and surpass 150 million users. 

Also, the team has applied for a Guinness World Record as the first YouTube channel to gain over 10 million subscribers in one week (six days, 13 hours, and 15 minutes), among other subscriber-related milestones. This also outpaced MrBeast’s subscription metrics, the world’s biggest YouTube channel.

Initially, the release of the Notcoin on Telegram mini-apps, and integration of TON wallets hiked TON’s active daily user count. Now the success of Hamster Kombat has also helped TON’s native projects reach millions of new users worldwide, and Telegram mini apps are becoming a viable marketing option for them.

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