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How to Backup iPhone on Windows 11/10/8/7 PC

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Backup Iphone to Windows

Our smartphones are one of the important parts of our daily lives, as it is like a digital storage of our lives. We have photos and videos as the best memories, contacts and many important with the necessary information. The security of this data is of the utmost importance.

iPhone comes with limited storage and users often use iCloud for backup, but that too has limited storage and you need to pay for more storage. So here the solution for iPhone users is backing up their data to their computers or laptops.

Those who have Mac devices can easily get the backup of their device, so the question that arises is, can I backup iPhone data to Windows 10 or 11? The answer is yes, and the process is easier than you think.

Traditionally, iTunes was a tool for this task, but many users found it complicated and limited in functionality. Another option that users can transfer their data to Windows 10 or 11 is via FoneTool.

FoneTool - Your Ultimate Backup Assistant

FoneTool is a powerful and easy-to-use tool designed to meet all the needs of your iPhone backup. Whether you create a comprehensive device bag or backup specific data, FoneTool offers a smooth and efficient solution.

The user-friendly interface and powerful features make it an essential tool for iPhone users who care about security and data access. FoneTool has several features and advantages. First, it provides a smooth and simple backup process and removes the complexities often associated with iTunes.

In addition, FoneTol offers an optional bag. That means you can switch data by saving time and storage space. In addition, FoneTool enables fast backing up and restoring. As a result, you will spend less waiting time and more time operating the device.

Why choose FoneTool for iPhone backup?

  • Easy to use: The interface of FoneTool is designed with the mind of the user. Easy-to-use planning can be easily navigated and backed up by people with limited technical skills.
  • Two ways of backup: Unlike iTunes, it usually requires full device backup. With FoneTool you can choose a specific type of data to back out, regardless of whether the user is a photo, contact, message, or app. You have complete control of your backpack.
  • Quick backup and restore: Time is important and FoneTool understands this point. This software is optimized for fast backup and recovery. We guarantee your data is safe in minutes, not in time.
  • Compatibility: FoneTool supports some iPhone and iOS versions. Therefore, on any device, you can rely on FoneToool for your backup requirements.
  • Security: Data security is also taken into account by FoneTool. FoneTool uses advanced encryption techniques to ensure that your backup is safe from unauthorized access.

How to Backup iPhone on Windows Using FoneTool

Taking a backup of your iPhone via the Fone tool is very easy. The user interface of the applications is very smooth and friendly and users can complete the task with some clicks only.

Depending on your needs, follow the steps below to selectively or fully backup your iPhone to data to your Windows PC.

  1. You start by downloading the iPhone backup tool Fone Toool and installing it in your system. The installation steps are simple with some clicks only. After successful installation run the Fone Tool app.
  2. Now, Connect your iPhone to your Windows PC using the USB cable. As you connect your device to your system, you will get a popup as Trust this computer on your iPhone. As soon as you click on the Trust option, FoneTool will automatically detect your device.
    Trust this computer popup
  3. Now from the left side menu, click on the phoneBackup option. Here you will get two options to select, Selective Backup and Full Backup. Choose according to your choice.
    Select Backup types
  4. Let's assume you choose Selective backup, the next step is to select the data types of which you want to take a backup like images, videos, contacts, messages etc. After completing the selection click on OK to go to the next steps.
  5. At the lower side, click on the icon Backup Storage Path to select the location where you want to save your backup files and click on the Start Backup option.

Now wait for the backup process to complete. When the backup is complete, FoneTool will notify you. You can safely unplug your iPhone. Your backups are stored on your Windows PC and can be easily accessed at any time in FoneTool.


Here we guide you on how to back up an iPhone on a Windows 11/10 computer or laptop in simple 5 steps. With the Fone tool, you can easily back up your precious data on your Windows system in very easy and simple steps.

FoneTool is more than just a backup tool with lots of features, fast operation and powerful security measures. FoneTool provides the perfect solution for backing up your iPhone to a Windows PC.

Whether you need to backup, reset, transfer, or manage your data, FoneTool offers great performance and reliability. Don't wait till it's too late - guarantee the security and access to your iPhone data with FoneToool today.

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