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Google Launch Gemini Mobile App in India with Multilingual Support

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Gemini India Mobile App

Google has rolled out major updates regarding its AI assistant Gemini within India. The tech giant has launched a dedicated Gemini mobile app, introduced support for nine Indian languages, and unlocked powerful new capabilities – aiming to empower more Indians to harness AI for everyday tasks.

The newly launched Gemini app for Android allows users to interact with the AI assistant through voice, text or even images. From planning social events to crafting recipes or captions, Gemini can lend a hand on the go. 

The app offers a seamless multilingual experience supporting English alongside Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu and Urdu.

"We're building on the momentum with new Gemini features designed to empower even more people to get things done in their preferred language," stated Amar Subramanya, Vice President of Engineering for Gemini Experiences at Google. "Both the Gemini app and Gemini Advanced will now be available in nine Indian languages, helping more people access information and complete tasks in their preferred language."

For iOS users, Gemini access is being rolled out directly from the Google app over the coming weeks. The AI assistant aims to "supercharge creativity and productivity" through its conversational interface.

In a market with rising language diversity, Google has brought the prowess of its large language model Gemini 1.5 Pro to Gemini Advanced across all nine Indian languages. This unlocks a massive 1 million token context window – the longest of any widely available consumer chatbot globally. 

Such expansive context understanding allows Gemini to process lengthy documents up to 1,500 pages, extensive codebases and even hours of video content.

New features empower users to upload documents or spreadsheet data for insightful analysis by their AI assistant. 

Gemini can now provide summaries, personalized feedback, data visualizations and actionable insights from dense information sources like research papers, legal agreements or business data.

Download Google Gemini APK [India]

Indian users can now download the latest Gemini App directly from the Play Store or get it from here.

Privacy remains a priority as user files are kept private and not used for training Google's AI models. The company ensures, "We're incredibly excited to see how people across India will continue to use Gemini in new and innovative ways."

The Gemini updates reflect Google's ambitions in the AI race while addressing the need for more inclusive and vernacular AI experiences in the linguistic melting pot of India. 

As artificial intelligence plays an increasingly pivotal role, tech giants are strategizing to make these powerful tools more accessible and relevant to diverse populations worldwide.

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