[Resolved] Apex Legends Account Reset Glitch: Players Lose Progress and Purchases

Apex Legends Account Reset Glitch

In a shocking turn of events, a game-breaking glitch has struck Apex Legends, causing players to lose their hard-earned progress, cosmetics, and even paid content.

Respawn Entertainment, the developer behind the popular battle royale game, has acknowledged the issue and is currently investigating the cause of this devastating bug.

The Apex Legends community has been left in disarray as countless reports flood the game's subreddit, with players expressing their frustration and disbelief over the sudden loss of their account data. Users also started reporting the issue at EA Answer HQ.

The glitch appears to be affecting a wide range of player statistics, including ranked progress, earned and purchased cosmetics, and other vital account information. Some players have even reported malfunctions in the in-game store, further compounding the issue.

While the exact cause of the glitch remains unknown, it seems to have emerged following the game's April Fool's update and the start of a new ranked season split. Some speculate that the bug may be related to the recently implemented cross-progression feature, as the official Apex Legends Twitter account responded to a player's post mentioning both cross-progression and lost progress.

This incident comes just a month after a hacker managed to breach the game's security and disrupt the North American Finals tournament

The hacker, who claimed to have done it "just for fun," forced the postponement of the event, leaving players and fans alike frustrated and disappointed. The recent glitch only adds to the growing concerns about the game's stability and security.

As a precautionary measure, many players are now hesitant to log into the game, fearing that they too may fall victim to this catastrophic glitch. The Apex Legends community has taken to social media to voice their concerns and criticize the current state of the game, with many pointing to recent incidents such as the hacking of Apex Legends pros during an official tournament and the layoffs faced by the Respawn team just last month.

Respawn Entertainment has promptly responded to the situation, assuring players that they are actively investigating the issue and will provide updates as soon as possible. However, the community's patience appears to be wearing thin, as this glitch comes as a bitter disappointment for longtime fans who have invested countless hours and money into the game.

The timing of this glitch is particularly unfortunate, as Apex Legends recently attempted to rejuvenate interest in the game with its extensive Breakout update.

Now, players are left wondering if their lost progress and purchases will be restored and when they can safely return to the battlefields of the Outlands without fear of losing everything they've worked so hard to achieve.

Update: Release of Fix

Respawn team have confirmed that the issues have been resolved and a fix has been pushed. Initially, developers had taken the Apex server offline for two hours. Apex team noted that "content or progress gained after this time has not currently been restored, but we're still looking into this."

Users who have made a purchase of Apex Coins during the downtime period were requested to contact support with the purchase details (Check here for proof of purchase). 

Additionally, Users are guided to follow the below steps to create a case:

  1. Click on the Support link.
  2. Select Apex Legends
  3. Scroll down and click See all help topics
  4. Select I'm looking for something I bought

"This fix did not address the ongoing missing ranked badges or missing Breakout Challenge progress issues. We're still looking into these situations so feel free to check the linked threads for further updates as we have them." - Support team noted.

Furthermore, Respawn has postponed the new Ranked Split and the next rollout date will be confirmed later.

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