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Ways to improve your rank and quickly understand the main principles of Fortnite

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Improve Your Fortnite Ranks

Fortnite is one of the most popular projects in the battle royale genre, which allows the player to compete for the status of the last survivor with other players and for the overall rank in the gaming system. The project is implemented in cartoon graphics and has unique construction mechanics and various weapons and grenades with fun effects, such as dancing and other mechanics.

You can increase your rank on your own, gradually mastering shooting, the speed of collecting weapons and other drops, proper landing and gradual survival techniques, remaining alive as long as possible, or order the Fortnite carry service from the Skycoach service to learn how to play immediately against difficult opponents, and not easy and understandable.

This format is suitable for players who want to try their hand at new enemies, or quickly regain rank after returning to Fortnite after a long absence.

You shouldn’t worry about the level of players at higher ranks; on the one hand, they will have a more automated construction mode and increased accuracy, but at the same time, you won’t always lag behind.

In any case, the game system will gradually calibrate you to the real value of experience and Fortnite rank.


The most important factor in your game and survival in the early stages of the round is not to suffer an initial defeat and not sacrifice your Fortnite rank boosting.

You need to immediately find good and fast-firing weapons that will help you fight in the very first minutes of the game, before the formation of a circle and the direction of narrowing and reduction to the final battle zone.

If you choose large areas of cities, then you risk suffering a quick defeat and lowering your rating.

This format is more suitable for players who want to fight and train their aim and ability to quickly look for equipment and weapons, but at the same time are ready to both die quickly and survive the first stage and continue their path to the title of top 1 player.

If you land in any zone where there are two or three houses, then you will be in a more advantageous situation because a large number of enemies rarely land in such zones, but it is important to take into account before jumping the number of enemies who jumped out at that second and make a decision about the jump.

In such locations, you can collect good starting equipment and the first weapon, various medicines and just wait for the first narrowing of the circle to advance to the preliminary zone of the final battle, where the degree of your cheap rank boost in Fortnite will be decided.

Try to avoid landing points where your drop may be minimal - usually, these are single and lonely buildings. Yes, such assistance will most likely be safe, but the chance that you will find good starting equipment there, and not a pistol without armour and a helmet, is quite small. In addition, such zones are often disadvantageous due to the intersection with other places that will be affected by the narrowing of the map and if you need to quickly and far away, you will simply be in a very disadvantageous situation.

Quick collection

You need to learn to quickly analyze and select really useful items and ammo and not take anything unnecessary, because your inventory is far from endless, and you can’t always find a good-quality backpack right away.

Fortunately, the Fortnite developers changed the colours of items by rank, which greatly simplifies your understanding of their value.

The most profitable is the gold type of items or purple. In the initial stages, this is not very important, because you will take everything you have, but later on, you learn to analyze to quickly select all the most powerful types of weapons.

Collect medicines, armour & helmets, and grenades. All this will be useful in the future, as they increase your survivability and allow you to restore strength and resources after difficult battles.

Mine wood, stone and metal as you move to open access to instant construction on the location, which will repeatedly save your life when you learn how to do it quickly and efficiently.


Periodically, an airdrop will be dropped at a random place on the map, with random weapons and equipment, but other players will also be aware of its presence, which significantly increases the likelihood of death when picking it up, but in such a drop there is a high probability of receiving a legendary level item. It is important to quickly collect it and leave, or take an ambush and simply shoot active enemies and then move on.

The alternative is to ignore this aspect of the match and take advantage of the shift in priorities among many players to improve their position on the map wait for the next stage and engage in battle at will, so as not to take unnecessary risks.


You can accumulate resources as you survive and rank up in Fortnite and use them to improve your safety and defense against enemies.

You can quickly build vertical and horizontal fortifications, which depend on the strength and type of materials you use for construction.

When you start the process, you will see the silhouette of the future building, which you can activate and then build on top and sides at your discretion. When you understand the basics, you will gradually begin to increase the speed of construction, and then have time to shoot.

The most interesting duels are the shooting of two players who instantly build up the territory destroy each other’s barricades and restore their shelters, where the player who loses all resources first will lose or will be inattentive and miss a bullet, which will end his boosting in Fortnite.

Keep in mind that stone and metal are denser and more durable than other types of resources, and wood is easily mined, but is literally shot through by most types of weapons.

Accumulate metal and stone at the first opportunity, because they are the ones who can save your life at the beginning of a critical battle and shelling at Fortnite.

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