How to Use Sora, OpenAI's AI Video Generator

Sora, OpenAI's AI Video Generator

It's just some hours that OpenAI has unveiled its newest AI creation, Sora - a text-to-video generator capable of creating minute-long videos that look astonishingly realistic. Sora works by taking a text prompt and generating a custom video to match the description.

The results are extremely impressive. In demos, Sora has created seamless scenes of nature documentaries, comedy skits, exercise instructions, and more. The quality of video and coherence of speech and imagery are unlike anything AI has achieved before.

Reactions to Sora have fallen into two camps - apprehension about how such powerful synthetic media could be misused, and eager curiosity about when the public can try Sora themselves.

OpenAI acknowledges that with any powerful technology comes the risk of harm. As such, Sora is currently in a testing and feedback stage with select creative professionals to responsibly develop the model before full release.

So how can you try Sora today? The short answer is you can't just yet.

Sora is not publicly available as OpenAI continues adversarial testing to prevent potential dangers. The company has not given a timeline for wider access.

Sora has been publicly announced by OpenAI but it's still in the red-teaming phase.OpenAI is also granting access to a select group of "visual artists, designers, and filmmakers to gain feedback on how to advance the model to be most helpful for creative professionals." 

OpenAI hasn't shared any timeline for a widespread release. So unless you're a red-teamer or one of the creative testers, you'll have to sit tight and make do with the existing demos.

For now, we can see Sora's capabilities in the many demo videos shared by OpenAI and its leadership. CEO Sam Altman has also tweeted out videos created using Sora based on user suggestions. These provide a glimpse of Sora's future possibilities - once deployed at scale, Sora could revolutionize video and film production.

While eager creators will have to wait patiently for the chance to harness Sora themselves, OpenAI's careful and responsible approach towards releasing such a powerful model is prudent. As AI capabilities accelerate, thorough testing is necessary to ensure technologies like Sora benefit society as a whole.

Some Videos created using OpenAI Sora

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