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Elon Musk Plans to Launch XMail - a Gmail Alternative

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XMail - Gmail alternative

Elon Musk recently hinted at the launch of XMail, an email service by X, the social media platform he acquired last year. This has sparked speculation that X is gearing up to take on tech giants like Google and its popular email service Gmail.

On Friday, an X employee asked, "When are we making XMail?" Musk responded, "It's coming."

This cryptic reply was enough to set the tech world abuzz about what XMail could offer and how it would compete in the crowded email market.

XMail is seen as Musk's latest move to challenge the dominance of Big Tech companies. The timing coincides with recent rumours about Google planning to discontinue Gmail, which Google then refuted. The clash between the tech titans seems imminent if XMail manages to launch successfully.

However, competing with Gmail will be challenging, given its long-standing presence and familiarity among users. Gmail currently has over 1.5 billion active users worldwide. XMail has a mountain to climb to make a dent in Gmail's market share.

Gmail Shutting Down Rumours

Recently, a concerning message surfaced claiming that Google would sunset its widely popular email service Gmail starting August 1, 2024. This startling announcement caused distress and confusion among millions of Gmail users who rely on the platform.

Misconceptions Surrounding Gmail Shutting Down Rumours

The purported message from Google cited shifting digitalization and a desire to innovate as the rationale behind discontinuing Gmail. It emphasized allocating resources to develop new technologies and reimagine online communication.

Despite the directness of the message, the notion of losing access to Gmail was met with apprehension and rampant speculation. Some users scrambled to download archives of old emails while others contemplated migrating to alternative services.

However, Google swiftly debunked the rumours by confirming via X that "Gmail is here to stay." The tweet aimed to alleviate misconceptions about Gmail shutting down and reaffirmed Google's commitment to maintaining the email service.

Further clarification explained that "sunsetting" refers to halting email delivery to disengaged contacts over time versus eliminating the service entirely. This context details that the messaging surrounding Gmail sunsetting misrepresented the actual circumstances.

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