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Tips and Tricks for Mastering WordPress in 2024

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Mastering WordPress 2024

Have you decided to join the rest of the world as they make the switch from other website hosting platforms to WordPress? If so, congratulations on your decision, but before you do so it’s crucial that you understand some of the tips and tricks you can use to make it work the way you need it to.

We’ve created a list that has all the delightful tricks you need to ensure you’re using and leveraging WordPress the right way for all your needs. By the time you’ve finished checking out everything below you’re going to be a professional at navigating WordPress as if you’ve been using it the entire time you’ve been doing business.

Make Use of the Hosting Plans

The first tip we have to offer you is to make use of the hosting plans that WordPress has to offer. While you may want to do everything yourself choosing to select a hosting plan is going to be the better option because it has several benefits.

The first benefit is it makes it easier for you to scale your website as your business continues growing as well. Another reason you’re going to want to select a hosting plan instead of doing everything yourself is that it makes managing your entire business website easier said than done.

Before you decide to select a hosting plan ensure you review the features included in a WordPress hosting plan. This will ensure you’ve chosen a plan that has everything you need and will want while using the platform. Of course, if you choose a plan that doesn’t have everything in the future you can add features to your hosting plan as your business needs continue to grow.

Some customer service reps for WordPress can detail the features WordPress has to offer that you will stand to gain when you choose to purchase a hosting plan. It works better for you if you choose a plan that has everything you need.

Use a Homepage that is Customized

The last thing you want to do when creating a website for personal or business use is to use a homepage that looks like every homepage out there. Instead, we recommend you use a customized home page that will ensure you’re set apart from your competitors to get a leg up on attracting the right consumers.

When you use WordPress one thing that happens is your newest posts will show up on the homepage, but until you make some changes doing things this way can be cluttered and make your homepage look like just another random page on the internet.

The best way to fix this is to create a completely new page that lies within your website. This can be the About page or the blog page. Make use of a customized homepage and additional website page to ensure that your website is organized and everything on it is housed on the right page within the website.

This will make it easier for people who are visiting your website to find exactly what they are looking for and not waste time clicking around in search of your products and services. After you create the different pages for your website you can use the dashboard on the WordPress website to organize the website pages the way you want to.

At any given time you can go back to use the dashboard to add more pages or continue changing the pages.

Ensure You Install Analytics

How are you going to know how well your website and business are performing if you’re not using any means of measuring this? Another useful trick we have to offer you is to ensure you take some time to install Google Analytics on your website to ensure things like website visitors etc are being measured at all times.

WordPress allows you to install a plugin that will provide these analytics for you to review at any point in time. Analytics are useful again for determining website performance and it can be used for you to make the needed changes to ensure your website performance improves.

When you install the plugin you don’t have to worry about guessing what to do next. Instead, install the plugin and carefully walk through the setup process to ensure you’ve got everything working in the right way to collect the data you need collected.

WordPress Analytics

Always Use a Password

The last thing you want to happen after you’ve created your new website on WordPress is for it to be hacked and changes made, which can cause you to lose consumers and damage your reputation in the process. This is why we recommend you always use a password for the website that you don’t share with anyone else, outside of other admins that might need it.

While your entire website should be password protected your admin directory needs to be password protected because this is the hub for everything that will take place within the website. In addition to routine password protection, we recommend you take some time to add additional measures as well.

With cybersecurity on the rise, it will make it more challenging for hackers to access your website and steal any assets or data that your business and its workers have worked hard to collect over time.

Secure WordPress with Password

Organize Images on Your Website

When you don’t take time to organize the images and frames on your website they will all appear next to each other and this again can make your website look unorganized and cluttered. Instead, we recommend you take some time to ensure that images are being seen in rows or columns.

When they aren’t being done this way it can lead your website users to have to continue scrolling down your website to see everything that needs to be seen. It can lead to an increase in people leaving your website, which increases your bounce rate and can cause you to lose qualified leads that you’ve worked hard to obtain.

Plugins for WordPress

Tips and Tricks for WordPress

When you’re using WordPress there are several tips and tricks out there, but we’ve taken time to let you know some of the top ones. We recommend you ensure you take time to organize the images that will appear on your website and don’t forget to add additional layers of password protection to secure your website.

The more you know about WordPress the better off your website is going to be as you continue conducting your business.

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