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Can Microsoft Learn Get You a Career in Tech and Security?

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Get You a Career in Tech and Security

Online learning platforms have evolved into a more interactive space. The flexibility these spaces offer makes it an even more convenient environment for people. You get to learn in your free time, wherever you please. These platforms are building easy ways to learn diverse skills through task-based and interactive learning environments.

Microsoft Learn is a pioneer in this regard that offers all of this and more, and you can learn several professional tech and security skills on the platform. How? Read on to find out.

What Is Microsoft Learn?

Microsoft Learn is a learning platform for tech professionals and individuals interested in learning digital skills. The platform has over 3,000 modules and learning paths for people in varying tech fields.

There is a comprehensive selection of training options and learning paths for users where you can either polish your old skills or pick up new ones. Microsoft Learn is one of the online learning platforms with the broadest range of resources, making it a choice for individuals, organisations, and teams.

Some exciting features of Microsoft Learn are that you can practice while learning, create and share your collection of content, explore instructor-led training courses, and renew your certificates for free.

Getting A Career In Tech And Security With Microsoft Learn

There are now more entry points to starting a career in tech than ever. Gone are the days when you need a college degree to begin pursuing your career in tech. Although having a degree could be an added advantage, thousands of professionals do remarkably well in their fields even without a college degree.

There are loads of professions today that don't necessarily require a degree. Practical examples include investors trading forex, CFD traders, crypto experts, and many professionals in the tech sector. With online learning courses, you can acquire adequate knowledge online and build on your experience.

With Microsoft Learn, you can explore a wide range of courses in the tech and security field. The platform has modules from leading universities like Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Oxford.

There are around 3,000 student modules in top fields like data science, data analysis, security engineering, and security operations analysis. The platform has training products ranging from Azure to GitHub, Teams, and more, which could contribute immensely to your professional career. You can start by browsing your preferred field's modules and student learning courses.

Why Use Microsoft Learn?

There are several pluses to getting a career in tech with Microsoft Learn. The competition is fierce out there, and you need every competitive advantage. Below are ways Microsoft Learn gives you an edge in the industry as a beginner or seasoned professional.

Explore Instructor-Led Training Courses

If you’re looking for in-depth learning spaces that don’t take away the flexibility of learning online, Microsoft Learning instructor-led training courses fit this narrative perfectly. With instructor-led training, you learn from certified Microsoft trainers in a classroom setting.

The platform has learning partners that allow students access to virtual value-packed deliveries without visiting a physical classroom setting. However, this feature is available in the beta mode and is limited to specific courses.

Practice While You Learn

The practicality that comes with Microsoft Learn courses is another significant advantage for users and students on the platform. Get hands-on experiences with the community and explore self-paced learning with enough practice. Microsoft enables you to use Azure services to practice your knowledge and create functional models from what you’ve learned.

The platform has a free sandbox feature where users can explore Azure and other products for exercise units. It is a space where you become more creative as you learn with high-level tech, such as virtual machines and Azure functions.

Boost Your Professional Skills With Microsoft Certification

Getting ahead in the professional market is much more complex, especially for beginners in their careers. Microsoft certification is based on in-demand skills and performances required for employees to stand out and perform remarkably in the market.

These certificates demonstrate that you are an expert and a professional with the necessary skills to excel in your role. Therefore, it sets you apart from others. The certificates are also upgradeable, which helps students stay updated on their skills and remain relevant in their fields.

Begin Your Career in Tech With Microsoft Learn

Aside from the carefully curated courses on Microsoft Learn, numerous other resources can contribute to building your tech career. These include virtual training days, a learning blog, and the Microsoft reactor, which connects you to startups and communities. The platform is designed to help you boost your career conveniently and learn in a conducive environment. Hopefully, this article has equipped you with the information you need to find your dream course and take your career from inception to actualisation.

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