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Xiaomi HyperOS - Rebranding of MIUI

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Xiaomi HyperOS - Rebranding of MIUI
Xiaomi has announced that it will be replacing its MIUI interface with a new system called HyperOS. The change was confirmed by Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun on Tuesday, October 17th.

MIUI has been Xiaomi's flagship interface for 13 years, but the company has decided it's time for a change. HyperOS is expected to launch first on Xiaomi's upcoming 14 series of devices.

According to reports, HyperOS will be based on Android 14 and aims to provide a more optimized and stable user experience compared to MIUI. While the interface is getting a new name, it's believed that HyperOS will retain many familiar elements from MIUI.

The switch to HyperOS marks a notable change in direction for Xiaomi. MIUI has become synonymous with the company's phones over the past decade.

Alvin, Xiaomi’s global VP, also confirmed that HyperOS will be available globally and will roll out throughout 2024. This means that the new OS will gradually replace Xiaomi’s legacy MIUI operating system, which has been around for 13 years.

According to the report, Xiaomi has been working on HyperOS since 2017 which is designed to cater to Xiaomi’s wide range of products, which includes smartphones, smart home devices, and cars. The company says that the new OS will tie in its entire ecosystem of products, making it easier for users to control and manage their devices from one place.

More details about the features and design of HyperOS are expected to emerge as the launch of the Xiaomi 14 series approaches. But for now, it seems Xiaomi is ready to turn the page to a new chapter with its HyperOS interface replacing the tried and true MIUI.

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