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7 Top Project Management Software to Achieve Your Goals

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Project Management Software

Maintaining a consistent position in the business realm is not a piece of cake. It requires endless struggle. For this, you have to mitigate inefficiencies from project streams, master the art of resource allocation and enhance team collaboration. These factors will reflect on the productivity and profitability of your business.

An all-inclusive project management system can help yxou cope with this situation. However, not all project systems are equally effective. Some are far better than the rest. In this guide, we will present seven top-rated project management solutions. We skimmed countless vendors to share the finest platforms to help you ace the business field.



Hive is an ultimate productivity booster that works wonders in the business realm. Leveraging tech-savvy tools enables teams to act faster and collaborate better. It combines multiple services under one roof, such as Kanban boards, Gantt charts, calendars, forms, dashboards, and more. Furthermore, Hive shapes project dreams, giving teams a sense of purpose.

Key Specs

  • Project baselines and resources
  • Team communication and file sharing
  • Time tracking
  • Resource management
  • Provides analytics and reporting features

Pricing: Hive charges a flat rate of $12 per user per month for the core features. Besides that, it packs a free and tailor-made bundle.

Pros And Cons

Pros Cons
  • Helps visualize complex timelines
  • May have some bugs and glitches
  • Enhances team alignment and efficiency
  • Don’t support online data processing
  • Tracks budget and project’s progress side-by-side
  • Customizes project management experience
  • ClickUp


    ClickUp is a one-stop shop for all replacing segmented workspace management systems. The software aims to boost teams' efficiency and the firm’s productivity by putting its services to work. ClickUp features seamless integrations with modern-day tools and fosters next-level collaboration and communication. Additionally, it supports multiple views, handles recurring tasks, sets milestones, maps dependencies, etc.

    Key Specs

    • Advanced public sharing
    • Granular time estimates
    • Real-time chat
    • Analytic dashboard
    • Custom views and whiteboards

    Pricing: The vendor presents clients with a free plan. Alongside that, paid projects range from $7 to $15 per user per month and include a tailor-built plan.

    Pros and Cons

    Pros Cons
  • Highly customizable and flexible
  • Can be overwhelming for new users
  • Integrations for work management
  • Some features are under development
  • Accommodate teams of all sizes
  • Provides excellent customer support
  • Hub Planner

    Hub Planner

    Hub Planner is a globally recognized resource management solution. It helps teams schedule projects, track time and monitor project status from a centralized place. Consultancies, agencies, and other firms can use Hub Planners for optimal resource utilization. The system upsurges business profitability by generating real-time analytic reports. All-in-all, Hub Planner makes resource management painless while enhancing project performance.

    Key Specs

    • Drag-and-drop resource scheduling
    • Capacity planning
    • Project budgeting and cost calculations
    • Smart schedules
    • Resource requesting

    Pricing: Hub Planner has two fixed-priced and one custom-made plan. The fixed plans cost $7 and $18 per month.

    Pros And Cons

    Pros Cons
  • Measures actual vs. scheduled time
  • Lacks certain project management specs
  • Allows requesting and approving vacation and PTO
  • Has limited integrations
  • Avoid overbooking and underutilization
  • Helps with project expense tracking
  • Meister Task

    Meister Task is a robust task management software helping teams with project planning, execution and monitoring. The vendor puts teams in control over their projects. MeisterTask enhances project visualization by supporting board, calendar, timeline and list views. Moreover, this kanban-style solution keeps teams aligned and projects organized. Businesses rely on it to gain insights into their projects from conception to completion.

    Key Specs

    • Personalized onboarding assistance
    • Checklists
    • Note and group sharing
    • Time tracking
    • Dedicated account manager

    Pricing: Aside from the free plan, MeisterTask has three plans in store. They range from $6.50 to $14.0 per user per month, excluding the tailor-made enterprise plan.

    Pros And Cons

    Pros Cons
  • Extended collaboration
  • Lacks offline access at times
  • Customizable project boards
  • Buggy performance
  • Gantt-style timelines for better visualization
  • Personalized workspace environment
  • Miro

    Miro is an innovative workspace management platform that enables teams to scale collaboration beyond teams. It helps create and share visual boards for project management purposes. Miro is based on the Kanban-style principle and supports agile workflows. It ensures continuous alignment with customer needs with enterprise-grade security at its core. Moreover, Miro helps map dependencies, prioritize projects and visualize data.

    Key Specs

    • Unlimited boards and projects
    • Over 300 templates and integrations
    • Real-time collaboration and feedback
    • Document and video proofing tools
    • Analytics and Reporting

    Pricing: Miro has a free plan, two paid plans starting from $8 per user per month, and extensive custom plans.

    Pros And Cons

  • Flexible and customizable interface
  • Can be overwhelming for beginners
  • Supports multiple views and formats
  • Lacks advanced task management features
  • Improves the quality of deliverables
  • Enables creative and visual thinking
  • Keyedin


    Keyedin is a best-of-breed project portfolio management software. It empowers project managers to make insight-led decisions, assuring value-based outcomes. Keyedin supports fluid data exchange by seamlessly integrating with quality third parties. Undoubtedly, Keyedin has the best portfolio planning capabilities in town. It administers best practices throughout a project lifecycle, driving business performance like a pro.

    Key Specs

    • Enterprise project and portfolio management
    • Strategic portfolio management
    • Adaptive project management and reporting
    • Time chainage and scenario optimization
    • Resource management and forecasting

    Pricing: The cost structure of Keyedin is available only on request. Contact sales to inquire about the details.

    Pros and Cons

    Pros Cons
  • Thorough risk assessment and mitigation
  • Some functions are dead
  • Comprehensive and robust features
  • Poor reporting functionality
  • Bottom-up project execution
  • Real-time visibility into portfolio health
  • Tilos Software

    Tilos is a linear scheduling software dealing with infrastructure projects. It simplifies construction processes through powerful time-distance diagrams. Tilos software equips clients with potential insights by combining time and distance into one graphical view. Fixing the wrongs of traditional linear scheduling tools keeps projects on schedule with robust time tracking. Also, it effortlessly handles mass haulage and materials with its optimal project planning techniques.

    Key Specs

    • Schedule analysis and visualization
    • Linear planning and production monitoring
    • Optimal mass handling
    • Time chainage planning

    Pricing: The starting price of Tilos software is $4290. It's a one-time cost. For further details, reach out to the vendor.

    Pros and Cons

    Pros Cons
  • Enhances the accuracy of projects
  • Complex to use
  • Increases productivity and profitability
  • Sometimes users face compatibility issues
  • Optimized scheduling workarounds
  • Compares baselines and project plans
  • Final Words

    Project management systems hold an unwavering position in the business landscape. They encompass a range of tech-savvy functionalities, helping businesses grow steadily. If you finely look at our top picks, you will see that each has unique specs. Thus, you must ponder your requirements to invest in a compatible solution. Only then can you attain profitability coupled with team collaboration and workflow efficiency.

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