Download New Outlook App for Mac and Windows 11

Download New Outlook App for Mac and Windows 11
Microsoft has released a new version of Outlook for Windows that is now available for download through the Microsoft Store on Windows 11 and the Sept. 26 Windows fall update. This new Outlook app offers a refreshed design and several new features for Windows users.

It’s a free app for Windows users designed to help you easily connect and coordinate your various email accounts and calendars in one place, with a sleek and modern interface. 

The most noticeable change in the new Outlook for Windows is its user interface. Microsoft has updated the look and feel to align with its Fluent Design language used across other Microsoft 365 apps. The new UI features rounded corners, subtle animations, and a cleaner layout.

One of the headline features of the updated Outlook is the integration of Microsoft Search. Users can now search for contacts, emails, files, and more directly from the Outlook search box without having to switch to another app. Outlook will now display results from other Microsoft 365 services like OneDrive in the main search results.

Key new features introduced in the latest Outlook App include Microsoft Search integration, Focused Inbox, @mentions, Ideas in Emails, personalized search, and dark mode support.

  • It provides a more personalized, intelligent experience while maintaining the reliability of traditional Outlook.
  • The app streamlines email and calendar in one place, allowing you to add different email accounts and view calendars together.
  • It has AI writing suggestions to help you write clearer emails, powered by Microsoft Editor for 365 subscribers.
  • It seamlessly connects to Microsoft 365 apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneDrive.
  • New productivity features help you stay organized like My Day view, email pinning, reminders, send later, and inbox sweep.
  • Customizable themes, fonts, and inbox layouts allow you to personalize your inbox.
  • All users get spam/malware filtering. 365 subscribers get extra security like encryption.
  • It is available for personal Microsoft accounts and Office 365 commercial accounts.

Outlook for Windows replaces the UWP-based Mail and Calendar apps completely. If you buy a PC with Windows 11 23H2 installed or even upgrade your PC to Windows 11 23H2, Outlook for Windows will automatically be installed for you.

Old and New Outlook Looks
Old and New Outlook Looks

Download the New Outlook App for Windows 10/11

As above mentioned the newly purchased Windows devices running Windows 11, version 23H2 or higher, and some devices upgrading to Windows 11, version 23H2, will also see the new Outlook pre-installed. 

To get your hands on the latest Outlook app you can simply Go to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update. Otherwise, directly head to the Microsoft store page to download Outlook for Windows. 

System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 10 version 17763.0 or higher
  • Architecture: x64

Download Outlook for Mac 

In March, Microsoft made a surprising move by announcing that Outlook will be free for Mac and that users no longer need a Microsoft 365 subscription or Office license to use it. 

Outlook for Mac includes support for accounts, Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo, and any email provider that has IMAP support.

You can download Outlook for Mac from the App Store or directly from the Microsoft cdn link.

System Requirements

  • Intel 64
  • Apple Silicon
  • macOS 11 or later

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