5 Omnichannel Strategies for eCommerce Businesses

Strategies for eCommerce Businesses
Do you own an eCommerce business? Whether it’s your full-time gig or a side hustle, an online store can be fruitful, with some tidy profits from selling goods online. 

You can generate serious revenue if you’re lucky enough to sell a niche product at a decent price. However, you must still invest in marketing, advertising and website development to stand out from the competition. 

One way you can do this is via omnichannel marketing strategies, which might include FMCG branding strategy and other avenues. However, it can be tricky to develop an omnichannel strategy if you’re new to the space. This helpful article will share the top five that you should invest in. Read on to learn more.

What is Omnichannel Strategy?

Essentially, omnichannel is a term to refer to the consistent experience a customer will have when interacting with your brand, regardless of where they come across it. For instance, omnichannel ensures that a customer who visits your website receives email and text message marketing, interacts with your brand on social media and has a consistent and uniform experience, no matter the channel.

Understand the Customer Journey

To have an effective omnichannel strategy, you need to understand customer behaviour regarding online shopping. As you don’t have a physical presence in the form of a store, you need to consider where your customers will be. 

Are they on their phones during a break at work? Are they bored on their couch in the early morning hours on a weekend? Are they searching for goods to buy, comparing prices and shipping rates? 

Once you know how customers behave, you can implement strategies to reach them. You might invest in paid search advertisements, social media ads and browser ads to reach your customers online. 

Automate Where Possible

It’s worth investing in automation for your eCommerce business to reduce the amount of manual labour you need to invest in your business. For instance, you could automate a pop-up for visitors to your website, offering a discount code in return for signing up for email and text message marketing. 

You can implement abandoned cart emails that incentivise customers to return to their online shopping carts to complete their purchases. Furthermore, following the previous steps, you can automate email and text message offers during sales using the contact details you’ve gained. 

Improve Your Social Media Presence

There are close to 5 billion social media users online each day. That’s a staggering amount of people. While a vast majority won’t be potential customers, the remaining percentage within your scope is still considerable. 

A solid social media presence is a tremendous omnichannel strategy, as brands with good engagement and strong messaging can increase their sales. 

You might be able to integrate with social media platforms to reach customers, interact with them and funnel them through to sales. You can build brand loyalty, return business and reach new followers by having an active social media presence combined with unique content. And don’t limit yourself to one platform - get active on all of them. 

Invest in growing your brand presence on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Threads, Snapchat and X. You could even look into a social media management and scheduling app to reduce the time spent curating content and posting. 

Create High-Quality Educational Content

This content marketing strategy is a critical component of any omnichannel approach. If you can create educational content that solves customer problems and increases their knowledge, you’ll build brand trust and loyalty. 

For instance, if you sell supplements, you should have an active blog that shares bodybuilding, fitness and exercise tips. If you sell collectable items, create videos about the hobby to engage potential customers. Whatever the type of products you sell, aim to inform, educate and empower your audience so they trust your brand and will be more likely to buy your products. 

Invest in Email Marketing

Email marketing is highly effective and proven to generate sales. There is a significant return on investment for every dollar you spend on email marketing. You can use email marketing tools to segment your messaging, perform AB testing, and send targeted emails that personalise the experience of interacting with your brand. Customers feel good when they feel like a brand knows them and will trust and purchase from your eCommerce business. 


This helpful article has shared five proven omnichannel strategies you can leverage for your eCommerce business. Remember to know your customer, understand their journey, automate where possible and don’t neglect your social media presence. Educational content and email marketing are also proven and effective. 

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