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Nickelodeon Investigating Massive Animation Data Leak

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Nickelodeon hacked and Data leak

Attention, cartoon nerds and nostalgia enthusiasts! Your childhood's favorite TV channel, Nickelodeon, recently came under the spotlight but for a not-so-fun reason. The company has confirmed that it is looking into allegations of unauthorized access and leakage of a whopping 500GB of animation-related files. These files aren't just any material – they reportedly include scripts and never-before-seen TV shows from their animation department!

It all began with the chatter on social media, where users reported a significant data dump comprising animation data. 

Nickelodeon has acknowledged these claims, stating that it is aware of the allegations about production-related files being made available without proper authorization. 

"The alleged leaked content appears related to production files only, not long-form content or employee or user data, and some of it appears to be decades old," stated Nickelodeon's spokesperson.

 The company didn't provide any further specific details about this incident.

The data leak was initially reported on a private Discord server back in January. A user named GhostyTongue, both on Twitter and Discord, seemed to be among the first ones to share the news of the leak. The list of leaked files is said to include scripts, sound effects, production documentation, Photoshop files, and more.

The dumped data also reportedly includes character images, unreleased songs, and early drafts of popular shows like "SpongeBob SquarePants." Nickelodeon is the home of the long-running children's cartoon SpongeBob SquarePants.

According to VX-Underground, a group known for their work in malware detection, this breach might be traced back to Nickelodeon's consumer products and experience portal. The group suggested that an authentication weakness was exploited to gain access to the animation department's treasure trove of data. Nickelodeon has reportedly patched up this weakness to prevent any more leaks.

The consequences of sharing these leaked materials could be severe. Nickelodeon's lawyers are currently on a DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) offensive. 

This U.S. law criminalizes the dissemination of copyrighted material, and it appears that Nickelodeon is not hesitant to swing the DMCA hammer at those who distribute or even mention the leaked content. GhostyTongue seems to have firsthand experience of this and has cautioned others about reposting leaked materials.

So, cartoon lovers, while the prospect of getting an unreleased scoop might be tempting, remember that it could come with more than just a Nickelodeon-style sliming. Stay clear of trouble and respect the creative rights of our favorite TV channels.

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