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Importance of Customised Logo Design for SMBs

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Customised Logo Design
Symbols formed from text and graphics called logos help buyers recognise your brand. It aids clients in comprehending who you are, what you do, and what you value. The most basic purpose of a logo is to provide your company with a distinctive symbol that sets it apart from other companies. 

BrandVillage- an awarded logo design company in Melbourne, can help you create a customised logo that resonates with your target audience and conveys the brand message effectively. If you're curious about the investment required, you can check the logo design cost for more information.

Small and medium-sized businesses need a logo as much as a big company. Here we will see why SMBs also need a customised logo for the success of their business.

Why is Logo Designing Important for SMBs?

As a graphical representation of your company, logos are the most crucial branding component. However, some small business owners ignore this significance and choose a simple logo that doesn't adequately represent their brand.

A study on Brand Awareness by StudyFinds shows that 50% of consumers claim they are more inclined to purchase from a company whose logo they are familiar with, while 75% of consumers claim they can identify a brand just by looking at its logo.

A logo aids in differentiating a business from rivals, communicating important information about the brand, and increasing brand recognition. 

Using a logo, a firm can make a strong emotional connection with its audience, increase credibility and trust, and graphically represent its services and the industry to which it belongs.

7 Reasons Why Customised Logo is Importance For Your Small and Medium-Sized Businesses 
Logo Designing

Helps Build Brand Recognition 

Audiences remember a brand well when they can recognise it from a few clear visual signals. A logo uses design elements like colours, shapes, and symbols to leave a lasting impression on consumers even when it doesn't declare the brand's name.

Communicates About The Brand's Industry 

A successful logo will also incorporate visual signals to indicate the sector in which the business is active, such as symbols and colour.

For instance, a tech company might utilise geometric forms or pictures of computers or electrical circuits. In addition, brands in the technology sector commonly employ the colours blue, red, black, grey, and silver to convey their sector affiliation visually. It is because these hues stand for the following.

  • Blue for security 
  • Red for action 
  • Black for edginess
  • Grey for wisdom  
  • Silver for modernity

Identifies Key Information About the Brand 

A logo can be used to communicate more than just the sector of the economy to which a business belongs. It might feature a picture of the company's founder, like Colonel Sanders in the KFC logo. 

KFC Logo

Additionally, brands might indicate their founding year in their logo design. Stella Artois and Liverpool Football Club logos are two well-known instances of this.

Liverpool and Stella Artois Logo
Furthermore, some companies use their logo to reflect their tagline. One illustration is Harvard University, which has "Veritas" (Latin for "Truth") inscribed on its emblem.

Communicates Brand Message and Values 

The core idea that encapsulates the advantages your business provides to its clients is the brand message. A thoughtfully crafted brand statement is enticing, inspiring, and persuading. It uses the fewest words possible to communicate the essence of your brand, including its undefinable qualities.

On the other side, your brand values transcend beyond the how and why of your company. Instead, they are the broad ideas that influence your brand to do particular actions or make certain decisions. Compassion, connection, and love are some well-known company values.

Therefore, an effective logo transforms a brand's values and message into a visual language. As a result, a logo attracts customers who are the best fit for your brand since they can see that, in contrast to your rivals, your company and they have similar values.

Makes Business Stand Out from the Competition 

There is competition among brands for the goods and services they provide. That is why having a distinctive, memorable logo is essential since it enables your business to stand out among a sea of competing goods and services.

An effective logo makes the most of a brand's unique selling proposition and leverages it to distinguish it from competitors in its sector visually. It can entail utilising a symbol strongly connected to the brand but not frequently used in the sector. 

Establishes Credibility and Trust 

Credibility-based branding boosts consumer impressions of reliability, according to research.

A Study by Research Gate, in particular, found that viewers will consider a brand more trustworthy if its logo appears more professional. It was discovered that unoriginal, unclear, and "low quality and cheap" logos diminished positive opinions of a business and suggested a lack of knowledge.

A logo needs to pay attention to design components like colour, form, font, and symbols concerning the messages each sends to be believable.

Fosters Emotional Connection 

A well-designed logo can instantly evoke a viewer's emotions, whether of ease, delight, or intrigue. It is made feasible by strategically positioned, viewer-engaging logo design features.

Customers are more likely to build an emotional bond with a company's logo than any other secondary information because it is frequently the first brand aspect they will notice. Customers are more likely to connect with a brand's identity by recalling its logo first when they think of it or the products it offers.


A customised small business logo is an investment that will pay you in the long run. Your firm will do better the sooner you develop one. If you don't have a logo for your business or if it already has one but needs to be updated or improved, contact an expert and awarded logo designer at BrandVillage to get the finest logo design for your company.

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