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Outsourcing React Native Development: Cost Calculation, Features, and Action Plan

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Outsourcing React Native Developer
React Native, a framework developed by Facebook has become a popular tool for mobile app development. Leveraging the power of JavaScript, it provides a platform for building efficient and high-performing apps for both iOS and Android. If you're a business owner or tech decision-maker contemplating whether to outsource your React Native development or not, this post will guide you through the advantages and considerations involved.

What is React Native?

React Native is an open-source framework for building cross-platform mobile applications using JavaScript and ReactJS. It provides a way to write code once and run it on multiple platforms, including iOS and Android, thereby reducing development time and effort. React Native provides the performance and look of native apps while leveraging the versatility and quick iterations of JavaScript.

Why is Outsourcing React Native Beneficial?

React Native outsourcing is the most cost-effective option for anyone seeking to develop a digital product. It enables you to hire a team of React Native developers outside of your company, eliminating the need to pay full-time salaries or overhead expenses. Sounds interesting? Let's take a look at the most important benefits of outsourcing React Native development services.

Timely development

Although finding and hiring developers can be a time-consuming process, outsourcing this work lets you focus on other areas of the project. You will still need to spend some time looking for a vendor, but it will be considerably less time than organizing an entire crew.


Outsource React Native development so that you can save money on the time-consuming and expensive steps of recruiting, hiring, training, providing benefits, health insurance, and setting up a separate workplace.

Recommendations of third-parties

Outsourced React Native development is the best option for companies of all sizes, whether they are startups with no in-house developers or well-established corporations ready to release a new app. With the help of external outsourcing React Native developers, firms can reduce their risk exposure, boosting the likelihood of the project's success.

It's not only about reducing risks. It's about conserving time because you won't have to gather the IT department on your own and go over all the details. You'll just bring in outside help from specialists to finish the job.

Where to Look for When Outsourcing React Native Projects

Due to the "price-quality" balance, we recommend that you outsource the development of your React Native projects to specialists in Estonia (with 39 React Native development firms), Portugal (with 26 firms), or Croatia (with 34 firms). These nations are very suitable and cost-effective for outsourcing React Native development services when compared to others due to their cost of living, tax rates, and so on. Let's look at how much juniors, mid-level, and senior React Native developers make in different countries.

Country Junior Developer Annual Salary Middle Developer Annual Salary Senior Developer Annual Salary

Country Junior Developer
Annual Salary
Middle Developer
Annual Salary
Senior Developer
Annual Salary
India $14.400 $24.500 $42.000
Albania $20.000 $30.400 $55.400
Croatia $23.600 $33.200 $55.800
Estonia $21.600 $31.200 $58.800
Portugal $25.200 $36.300 $60.000
Germany $43.200 $60.000 $72.000
UK $65.000 $82.000 $118.000
USA $70.000 $90.000 $127.200

Looking to Save Costs When Outsourcing React Native Projects- Here is What You Need to Do

You can further cut costs when outsourcing React Native by following these three guidelines.

The cheapest developers are a no-show

Cheap vendors compromise on quality control, customer service, and overall experience. Even though editing and design are essential to the success of your website or app, they will often skimp on these essentials.

Develop a clear development route

Using this approach, you'll have a complete count of your team members and can identify paper pushers if any are present. For everyone on the team to understand their roles and stay on the same page, there must be open lines of communication.

Select countries with good quality/price balance

Find a happy medium between cost and quality when selecting a developer to outsource React Native too. If you're looking for contractors, we suggest you focus your search on nations like Estonia, Portugal, and Croatia.

Quality is above the Quantity

When the cost of outsourcing React Native is high, it's tempting to attempt to cram as much as possible into the remaining time. However, this isn't always the greatest method because not all of your app's features will be completed on time if you outsource React Native development. One of the best ways to cut costs is to put quality ahead of quantity. If you release your program quickly rather than making lots of fixes, you will end up spending more time later fixing bugs.

Understanding the Steps Involved with React Native Outsourcing

Step 1: Realize the importance of business and tech requirements

The business case for your project is one of the most crucial pieces of information you'll need before outsourcing. Creating an app for your company's internal use is going to look very different than creating an app for your consumers. So, you need to know what kind of project you want to build before you can outsource its creation.

The technological needs of your project should be a priority for you. Having this information at your disposal will allow you to estimate the duration of your upcoming project better. 

Step 2: Finding and selecting the outsourcing vendor

If you want to choose a reliable supplier, consider these suggestions.

  • Find out their references. A reliable provider always has impressive customer references available upon request.
  • How does their procedure usually work? What sort of assistance do they provide? How long have they been working in this industry?
  • Verify their comprehension of your requirements. Such as, what exactly are you looking for in terms of a finished product or the React Native development service?

Step 3: Onboarding and Introduction to In-house Team

Methods for coordinating in-house and contracted-out React Native teams include:

The first step is to use a technology like Slack, Trello, or another that allows you to monitor your team's development and make sure everyone is on the same page. Thus, you can ensure that you can outsource the development of your React Native app to the maximum value without having to perform additional checks to ensure that the team is productive.

Second, you and your outsourced developer can schedule weekly meetings to review progress and brainstorm ways to enhance the React Native development outsourcing process.

Step 4: Tracking and monitoring the progress

Lastly, if you acquire an outsourced React Native programming service, monitor your results. You'll need a solid strategy to help you regularly assess whether or not your project is progressing as expected.


React Native outsourcing programming is more complicated than it first appears. React Native's main advantages are cost-effectiveness, reduced development hazards, and a large developer community; however, the cost is justified.

If you're a startup or small business looking to cut expenses by outsourcing React Native, you shouldn't go with the lowest provider you can find. However, if you have a well-defined strategy for development and open lines of communication with your team members, search for countries with a good price-quality balance (Estonia, Portugal, Albania, and Croatia), carefully read the contract, think about out-staffing as well, and put quality over quantity as your top priority, you should have no trouble finding a professional for a reasonable price for your project.

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