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Google Unveils "Topic Authority" to Optimize News Search

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Google News Topic Authority
Google recently took a significant leap in its search engine technology by unveiling a new system known as "Topic Authority" This innovative algorithm focuses on surfacing more relevant, expert, and knowledgeable content in Google Search and News, according to a recent company blog post.

Understanding Google's Topic Authority

The concept of topic authority revolves around identifying which sources are experts in their field or area. This expertise recognition spans across a multitude of specialized subject areas, including health, finance, politics, and local news. The technology primarily focuses on making sure Google users receive accurate and authoritative news on the topics they search for.

How It Works

Google's Topic Authority system harnesses a range of signals to ascertain a publication's expertise in specific areas. The algorithm weighs in on several factors:

  1. Notability of a source: The algorithm understands which publications are highly relevant to specific topics or locations. For instance, local publications that often cover news about a particular city or town are identified as authoritative sources.
  2. Influence and original reporting: The system also takes into account the extent of original reporting a publisher provides, including how often their news is cited by other publishers. In 2022, Google added the Highly Cited label, aiding users in identifying stories frequently cited by other news outlets.
  3. Source reputation: Google’s system evaluates a source’s history of high-quality reporting, recommendations from expert sources, or journalistic awards, which it views as evidence of a positive reputation for news websites.

Enhancing Local News Discovery

The blog post highlighted that top
ic authority significantly improves local news queries by providing more relevant local and regional content in Top Stories and other news features. For example, if there's a flood in a particular region, the topic authority signal aids Google in identifying content from local publications that regularly cover news in that area, prioritizing these sources over national outlets.

Implications for Publishers

This new emphasis on topic authority has considerable implications for publishers. It means that those with a firm grasp of their locality or field are more likely to surface when their expertise is pertinent to a news story. Consequently, publishers are encouraged to provide extensive coverage of the areas and topics they are familiar with. Their work should naturally align with the measures of Google's topic authority system and its general guidance about creating helpful, people-first content.


Google's Topic Authority system brings a new era of search engine optimization that prioritizes expertise and originality in news reporting. This shift in focus to more localized, accurate, and expert content is a promising move towards providing users with more reliable and credible news sources in their search results. As technology evolves, the way we receive and interpret news continues to innovate, keeping the world connected with the most authoritative and trustworthy information at their fingertips.

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