BGMI Coming Back to India - Krafton Confirms - Get Ready, Gamers!

The Long-Awaited Return of BGMI Promises Enhanced User Experience and Stronger Commitment to the Indian Gaming Ecosystem

Battlegrounds Mobile India Set to Return
The world of mobile gaming has been eagerly awaiting an announcement that would cause an enormous stir - the return of Krafton's Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). Removed from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store in June last year due to security concerns, the much-loved game is set to be available for download again in the coming weeks.

Sean Hyunil Sohn, the CEO of Krafton, Inc. India, expressed his gratitude to the Indian authorities for allowing the resumption of BGMI. The CEO also thanked the Indian gaming community for their patience and expressed excitement over the impending re-launch. This move comes as a testament to Krafton's firm belief in the power of gaming to bring people together and create memorable experiences.

The new report stated that Krafton has to meet certain conditions laid out by the government for BGMI's full-time return. The company has been reportedly asked to offer the game with a time limit of each day for 90 days (three months). 

This is likely to prevent addiction to the game, especially among children. Last year, authorities were concerned about children's mental well-being after a teenager killed his mother after she stopped him from playing BGMI.

Authorities have also reportedly asked Krafton to tweak the animations to show no blood. In the previous iteration of BGMI, Krafton changed the blood colour to green to appear less violent. Krafton has not clarified whether BGMI would be available to users for a limited time each day. 

The release states that the battle royale-style game will be available for download soon.

BGMI, launched in India less than two years ago, quickly became a sensation among the gaming community, surpassing a hundred million users shortly after its launch. The game has been instrumental in building a robust esports ecosystem in the country, bringing India-centric events and content to the forefront. 

One of its crowning achievements was the broadcasting of the first Esports event on mainstream television, which drew a staggering 24 million concurrent viewers and a total of 200 million viewers.

Emphasizing Krafton's deep commitment to the Indian gaming ecosystem, Sohn stated,

"Our approach has always been India-first, which serves as the foundation of all our efforts."

In line with this vision, Krafton aims to enhance technological developments by collaborating with local developers and promoting cutting-edge technologies. The company's strategic investment and commitment to providing skilling and employment opportunities for Indian talent are further proof of its mission to foster growth and innovation in the Indian gaming industry.

Krafton's Head of Government Affairs in India, Vibhor Kukreti, expressed his appreciation for the permissions granted by authorities and highlighted the company's adherence to responsible gaming practices. He reassured that Krafton is working tirelessly to ensure India leads in gaming innovation and promotes growth through collaboration.

Krafton, Inc., a collective of independent game development studios from South Korea, boasts a vast portfolio of premier entertainment properties. The company's commitment to expanding its areas of business beyond games to multimedia entertainment and deep learning is impressive. Their focus is not just on the development and delivery of high-quality gaming experiences, but also on the enhancement of the start-up ecosystem in India, investing over $100 million in various Indian startups in gaming, Esports, and technology.

With the impending return of BGMI, a significant chapter in Indian mobile gaming history is about to be written. Krafton's steadfast commitment to their Indian user base, and their robust initiatives to foster a vibrant gaming ecosystem, make the return of BGMI a highly anticipated event. As they continue to break new ground in the Indian gaming industry, the next few weeks are indeed something to look forward to.

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