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The Ultimate Guide About IP Locator

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Tracking IP addresses

Are you curious about your device’s IP address? Or does tracking your friend’s IP address for fun fascinate you? I am sure most of us have tried tracking our IP addresses for fun. Luckily, the IP locator will meet all your IP tracking needs.

An IP locator is a simple and user-friendly IP finder that is easy to use and doesn’t require installation. It will show the available details associated with the specific IP addresses. Users can do unlimited searching without paying any fee.

Do the free and reliable features intrigue you? Then, keep reading to get in-depth knowledge about the helpful tool.

What is an IP Address?

An IP address or the internet protocol address is the identity of every computer using the internet protocol. A unique array of characters are associated with every device on the internet. The characters are primary numbers that are separated by a dot.

IP addresses are unique to every device and can be used to track the geographical location of the device users. In addition, the addresses are easily trackable up to an extent. Head to the next heading to know more about IP Finder and address tracking. 

What is an IP Locator?

An IP locator, as the name suggests, is an online tool to track the IP addresses of different devices on the internet. It can easily track the IP address’s location like country, city, and region. But there are some limitations to the tool as well.

It can not track the user’s name or personal details like phone number and email address. It also lacks monitoring of the user’s street number or house name. 

How to Use An IP Locator?

Using an IP locator is not as complex as some users might think. On the contrary, it’s a reasonably straightforward process. To use the online IP locating for tracking users over the internet, follow these steps:

  • Open the IPlocation website using your web browser
  • The IP Finder will open. By default, it will show your computer’s IP address and track it
  • To search for someone else, remove your IP address from the search bar and enter the desired one
  • Press the ‘Show location’ button to begin the search
  • The tool will instantly search and locate the IP address
  • Scroll down to see the detailed information and Google Maps location of the specific IP
  • You can also click the ‘show more button to load the results of a few other databases

Benefits of IP Locator 

Track IP address
As discussed above, an IP Locator is an online web-based tool to track IP addresses. There are many reasons users might want to track their own or another person’s IP. Therefore, mentioned below are some of the uses of the online IP locator:

  • Suppose eCommerce store owners want to show different products to different location-based buyers. They can use IP trackers to manage the website’s traffic better.
  • If a business operates globally, an IP locator can help the buyers see the site’s opening and closing hours based on their location.
  • Tracking buyers’ IP addresses can help businesses add different language options to their websites. It helps personalize the buying experience of every individual.
  • Additionally, web admins can easily redirect users to the website having their native language settings.
  • You can easily track hackers and spoofers to block them
  • Every country has particular regulatory compliance protocols that each website should follow. IP tracking can help site owners see clients' locations and comply with the set protocols.

The IP locator is not 100% accurate in pinpointing the location. But it does provide precise details of the user. For example, here is the information an IP locator will provide you:

  • The internet service provider's name 
  • The hostname of the Internet protocol
  • Country name
  • The name of the user’s region, city, and state
  • The locations’ latitude and longitude
  • IP location displayed on Google Maps

Drawbacks of an IP Locator

The IP locator though helpful is not the solution to all your IP-related issues. The tool provides 95 to 99% accuracy, but errors can occur. Here are a few drawbacks of the IP locator tool:

  • It provides almost 99% accuracy about the country. But the accuracy falls to 55% to 80% at the regional or state level and even lower to 50% to 75% at the city level.
  • Some databases are more prone to error than others. It can end up confusing users.
  • The database can also map the information incorrectly, leading to a wrong location pin.
  • The result can also be wrong if users use VPNs to mask their IPs


The IP location lookup tool is a handy little software for tracking certain IP addresses. It has several databases, including P2Location, IPinfo, IPgeolocation, IPligence, DB-IP, IP2C, and IP API. 

Users can easily connect with geolocation providers to fix the issue if an IP locator doesn't display the correct information.

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