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OpenAI Announces Bug Bounty Program to Strengthen AI Security

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OpenAI Bug Bounty Program

OpenAI, a leading artificial intelligence research organization, has announced the launch of its Bug Bounty Program to identify and address vulnerabilities in its systems. The program invites the global community of security researchers, ethical hackers, and technology enthusiasts to participate in ensuring that OpenAI's AI systems remain safe and secure.

OpenAI's mission is to create AI systems that benefit everyone. To achieve this goal, the organization invests heavily in research and engineering to ensure the safety and security of its AI systems. However, as with any complex technology, vulnerabilities and flaws can emerge. OpenAI believes that transparency and collaboration are crucial to addressing this reality.

Introducing the Bug Bounty Program, OpenAI invites security researchers to report vulnerabilities, bugs, or security flaws they discover in its systems. The organization has partnered with Bugcrowd, a leading bug bounty platform, to manage the submission and reward process, which is designed to ensure a streamlined experience for all participants. Detailed guidelines and rules for participation can be found on OpenAI's Bug Bounty Program page.

Incentives and Rewards

To incentivize testing and show appreciation, OpenAI will offer cash rewards based on the severity and impact of the reported issues. The rewards range from $200 for low-severity findings to up to $20,000 for exceptional discoveries. OpenAI recognizes the importance of the contributions and is committed to acknowledging the efforts of security researchers.

Staying Secure Together

OpenAI recognizes the critical importance of security and views it as a collaborative effort. The organization invites the security research community to participate in its Bug Bounty Program. OpenAI believes that the security research community's expertise and vigilance will have a direct impact on keeping its systems and users secure.

ChatGPT got Pwned

Recently, security researcher, Nagali found a critical account takeover vulnerability in the OpenAI ChatGPT application that allowed an attacker to take over someone's account, access their chat history, and view their billing information without their knowledge.

The bug allows Nagali to takeover someone's account, view their chat history, and access their billing information without them ever realizing it.

Additionally, OpenAI just fixed the user data leak and payment info exposure flaw in its platform due to a bug in the open-source library. 


OpenAI is committed to ensuring the safety and security of its AI systems, and the Bug Bounty Program is an essential step in achieving that goal. By inviting the security research community to participate in identifying and addressing vulnerabilities, OpenAI is taking a proactive approach to strengthen AI security. Interested parties can visit OpenAI's Bug Bounty Program page to learn more about the program and participate.

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1 comment
  1. Rajnish Kumar
    The bug bounty program seems like an effective way to encourage researchers and security professionals to identify and report potential weaknesses in OpenAI's systems. By incentivizing the public to participate in the identification of potential security risks, OpenAI can ensure that its AI technologies remain secure and reliable.