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How New Technologies Are Disrupting Incumbent Industries

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New Technologies Are Disrupting Incumbent Industries

Industries across the world are changing the way they run. To do that, they need to hire skilled employees that can help them move forward. New technologies are helping organizations to improve not only their products but also how they operate.

Robots are playing a significant role these days. They are being used not only to increase productivity but also to explore and gather important data. Collecting information is essential as they allow organizations to create insights that help them make better decisions.

However, the use of new technologies has negatively affected those without the right skills. Employees without technical skills have started to lose their jobs as they are not needed anymore. 

Although new technologies are causing a massive job disruption, they are creating new job opportunities. As a result, workers need to update their skills to remain relevant. 

Given these points, it’s important to know how new inventions are affecting significant industries these days. Here’s a list of some industries that are being affected by new technologies.

The Healthcare Industry 

Many people think that technology is not disrupting the healthcare industry as doctors continue to play the main role. However, they still need to schedule appointments and make invoices. The billing and scheduling processes can be time-consuming if done manually. For that reason, they are now being automated.

As a result, medical receptionists are losing their jobs. Today, customers can make appointments by visiting a website or even using mobile apps. Even doctors are hiring tech professionals like web developers to improve their services.

Websites with scheduling features are essential to provide an excellent experience to customers as customers no longer need to sit in a waiting room for hours as they will have a scheduled time.

At the same time, nowadays people prefer to use their smartphones rather than any other device. With this in mind, it’s essential to point out that Mobile Developers are building apps for the healthcare industry that are making traditional doctor visits come to an end.

The Home Improvement Industry

The home improvement sector has reached a whole new level with the use of today’s technologies. Organizations need a digital presence these days because customers now prefer to use digital channels than going to a store. As a result, home improvement businesses are hiring candidates like WordPress developers that can provide a great user experience to online customers.

WordPress Developers are capable of creating visually appealing and enhanced websites that are really useful for customers and organizations, on a low budget cost. They are also implementing machine learning algorithms in their websites to provide more personalized services.

In the same way, augmented reality is playing a crucial role in the home improvement industry. Customers can visit a company’s website and have previews of products they would like to buy. As a result, sales representatives are being displaced as the sale and billing processes are being made online.

Also, the Internet of Things (IoT) is changing how customers interact with home appliances. Companies are hiring skilled UX/UI designers that help businesses compete by offering well-designed products. 

Moreover, IoT devices are allowing homeowners to have more futuristic homes as they can control everything using their smartphones. Despite the disruption caused by new technologies, the home improvement sector is moving forward, and there is no way back.

The Transportation Industry

Automation is affecting every industry around the world, from manufacturing to the transportation industry. The use of robots and automated processes is allowing companies to reduce costs and complete tasks, spending less time. The use of machine learning algorithms is teaching vehicles how to drive themselves.

This means drivers are or may lose their jobs as automated vehicles are used in the industry. Also, major companies like Amazon reportedly use self-driving trucks to reduce the delivery time for shipments. As a result, customers no longer wait more than a week to receive products purchased online. 

On the other hand, mobile applications are playing a key role too. For example, mobile apps like Uber are making traditional taxi drivers lose their jobs. Using Uber, customers do not spend long periods of time waiting for a cab to arrive. The app sends a request to the nearest driver so the taxi arrives within minutes. 

Also, the application allows customers to track the car using GPS services and pay using their credit cards.


As you can see, new technologies are causing massive disruption. But, they are also helping companies to change the world. As a result, the workforce will need to adapt and learn new skills to stay relevant. Research different training programs and coding boot camps that you can attend to equip yourself with essential technical skills.

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