3 Places to Learn more About Personal Finance

Learn the basics of personal finance with online and other sources.

Learn more About Finances
Finance is probably the most critical aspect of today's life. Without a well-thought and managed budget and financial goals, it is much harder to acquire financial freedom in a modern fast lifestyle. Living from salary to salary is many people’s main issue in the modern world.

Therefore, it becomes more and more important to get valuable financial knowledge and use it to shape our financial future the way we want it. In this article, we decided to offer a comprehensive guide about three places where people can get quality financial education for improving their day-to-day life in the long term.

Place three: Online sources

Starting third place are vast online resources accessible to anyone with an internet connection today. It is trickier to find proper materials in the modern online world, but if you succeed in doing so, you are on the good track. There are many topics under the finance umbrella that cover various fields. One of those is online trading. Check the resources below for gaining more knowledge about trading in financial markets. 

Financial markets are one of the main constituents of the global financial system. Not to get lost in the financial world, there is one safe place to start the journey. The US SEC website provides great information about how to invest properly and how to avoid getting scammed. Their guidelines are worthy of checking and reading. SEC has a dedicated education section focusing on investor education, which is a great source of knowledge.

Place two: Books

Books are essential in any field. They provide a comprehensive look at finances and teach critical aspects about topics like personal finance and how to plan it. There is a reason why universities are using books to teach their students various professions, including finances. 

Books are a robust source of knowledge that shouldn't be underestimated. Below, we found three books that are a must-read for anyone looking for a financial education.

Top 3 books about finances everyone must know

“The total money makeover” by Dave Ramsey is a step-by-step guide for planning and managing your personal finances. It includes paying off debts, creating a budget, investing for the future, and saving for emergencies. This book seems a must-read for anyone who is interested in finances and wants to achieve financial stability in the long term.

Robert Kiyosaki's books are bestsellers for a reason, they teach well. “Rich dad poor dad” is worth your time to understand how money works and how you can achieve financial freedom. It is very well written and makes you absorbed in the process of reading. Kiyosaki is a millionaire and shares his experience in a comprehensive and compact manner. Other books from Kiyosaki are also recommended.

“The little book of common sense investing” by John C. Bogle is a very interesting book that focuses on investing in low-cost index funds and long-term perspectives. Long-term planning and investing are very important in today's world of unstable financial environments and any comprehensive book targeting this aspect should not be missed.

Place one: ChatGPT
ChatGPT is the star of A.I.s

Yes! You heard it right, OpenAI’s new ChatGPT is the star of A.I.s, and rightfully so. It can speak like humans do on any topic and can answer most questions, including finances and trading. It can freely write even poems and sonnets in any field. Make sure you use it for financial education too, as it is one of the most advanced A.I. tools humans have ever created.

Missing this great opportunity would be unfortunate. You can ask it to create a learning plan and divide it into topics from zero to hero in finances. It will provide great guidance on how and where to learn finances and which sources could be useful. 

OpenAI is working on ways to improve its ChatGPT with future versions, which makes it even more powerful in the future. Its answers are getting better and more accurate, reducing misinformation and increasing its success in mathematical calculations.

Key takeaways

If you want to attain financial freedom, you will have to learn about finances from reliable sources. Personal finances are especially important to gain financial freedom. For the study, there are various useful sources you can use. Start with ChatGPT and ask how and where you can learn about finances.

Ask it to provide a short summary of finances and how to plan personal financial goals properly. This A.I. tool will be a tremendous help in doing so. ChatGPT will be your smart friend that can talk about any topic. 

Another slower method for attaining financial knowledge is books. Read books that provide a good educational framework about finances and how to become free financially. The books from Robert Kiyosaki are among the must-reads. 

Make use of various other online resources that target financial literacy and provide ways to avoid scams and fraud, like the US’s SEC website. They inform and protect investors and are worthy of your time. The best practice would be to ask ChatGPT how and where to learn, and then start reading and listening to relevant sources of financial education.

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US SEC educational website

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