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5 Content Marketing Tips To Boost SEO Rankings

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5 Content Marketing Tips To Boost SEO Rankings

Organic traffic is the most important factor for a website. It has been found that higher organic traffic leads to a higher conversion rate, which in turn leads to higher revenues. However, organic traffic is attained with the help of higher SEO ranks. So, let's find out a few content tactics to help you boost your SEO ranks.

Why Having a High SEO Rank is Important?

SEO rankings are determined by how relevant, and high-quality your content is, and other factors, such as:

  • Backlinks
  • Keywords
  • Page Authority

The importance of SEO ranking has been increasing over the years due to various changes in Google's algorithm. Google wants to provide its users with the most relevant information for their queries. It uses signals like backlinks and keywords to determine which websites are more relevant than others.

So, SEO ranks are an important ranking factor for any website. It is essential for a website to rank well on search engines so that it can get more organic traffic, which in turn helps the business grow and make more money.

The more traffic you get from search engines, the higher your conversion rates will be because you will have a larger pool of potential customers visiting your website. 

5 Essential Content Marketing Tips to Boost SEO Rankings

Now that we understand the importance, let’s dive into 5 essential content marketing tips to boost your SEO rankings and learn more on this subject: 

1. Optimize Your Website for Mobile Phones

It's important to understand that a majority of users today browse the internet through their phones. According to Statista, 58.99% of the total web traffic was from mobile users. Furthermore, a user spends 1-3 hours browsing through the internet every day using their phone. So, you need your website to be an adaptive one. In other words:

  • Your website needs to load quickly on mobile phones;
  • Your web pages need to adapt to mobile phone screens;
  • The mobile version needs to be lighter and quicker than the desktop version.

Therefore, you need to make sure you optimize the website accordingly. Doing this will allow you to create a website that caters to your mobile phone audience thoroughly. In the process, you will end up getting more traffic to your website.

As a result, you will see your SEO rankings shoot up, as you'll notice a flurry of more users pouring in.

The more adaptive your website is for mobile phones, the more easily you will be able to get mobile users to visit. So, make sure you optimize your website for mobile devices.

2. Keep Everything Simple: Write Readable Content

If the content is not understandable, then it has failed in doing the one thing it's supposed to do—help users/readers understand a concept. Remember, blog or website content should always keep it simple and explain things in layman's terms.

So, how do you go about keeping it simple and writing readable content? Here are a few things you should do every time:

  • Limit your sentences to 15 words or 10, if possible;
  • Write short paragraphs that do not exceed 3-4 lines or 4-5 sentences;
  • Try to simplify complex ideas and define them in layman's terms;
  • Avoid using industry jargon unless absolutely necessary;
  • Use simple language and try not to use difficult vocabulary.

If, despite, making the effort, you’re unable to keep your writing simple, don’t worry. You can write your content as you want and then paraphrase the overly-complex parts. You can paraphrase online easily thanks to the galore of tools available. 

3. Interlink Your Website/Blog

A website that isn't interlinked within itself will have lower domain authority scores. This will cause the SEO rankings to slump, and the website may not see any traffic at all. To avoid this, you must take care of zombie/orphan pages.

The best way to do that is by creating a sitemap and interlinking your content with one another. Interlinking allows search engine crawlers to understand that a website is connected from within and features viable information. So, always interlink your website or blog to attract traffic.

4. Always Take Care of Plagiarism

In content marketing, you have to take care of plagiarism in pretty much every type of content that you write. Plagiarism can be very harmful to the reputation of your brand as well as the ranking/reliability of your website.

Even if you write something using your own words and even if you don’t deliberately take someone else’s words intentionally, you should still check for plagiarism in your content. That is because plagiarism can accidentally occur even in the content of honest writers who don’t have any intention to perpetrate it.

Nowadays, it’s very easy to take care of plagiarism. All you have to do is find it using a plagiarism checker. For this purpose, using a reliable plagiarism checker, such as the one provided by Turnitin or Check-plagiarism, is highly recommended. 

You just need to take any of the following steps:

  1. Remove the plagiarized parts altogether 
  2. Reword the plagiarized parts
  3. Put the plagiarized parts in quotation marks to automatically relinquish ownership
  4. Create and use a citation

5. Try to Go for Original and Different Stuff

Last but not least, create original and distinct content. It's easier to say than it is to do. However, that doesn't mean you shouldn't focus on it each time. Every week, posting 2-3 good-quality blogs will be better than posting lackluster and unoriginal content 10 times.

That's why we come up with unique topics and focus on being original. If you want, you can offer your take on unique topics and create opinion-based blogs. This way, your content will have fewer chances of being duplicated or similar to other content posted in your niche.


These five tips can help you create outstanding content for your blog or website. The idea is to ensure that you create something original and unique each time. So, that your audience and search engine crawlers prefer your content over others. As a result, you'll see a steep rise in your website's ranks.

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