Google Announced a New Guide for Google Search Ranking Systems

Google Introduced a new guide to Google Search ranking systems.

Guide to Google Search ranking systems
Today, Google published a new helpful document named 'A guide to Google Search ranking systems' that details a guide to understand some of our more notable ranking systems. Google has pushed numerous updates to improve its search results over the years. Some of these automated ranking systems are currently in use by Google for ranking factors and some of them are retired by the search giant.

The document details a couple of the main topics, including Ranking systems in use and Retired Ranking systems.

In-use Ranking systems by Google

The document specifies that the following are the ranking systems that are currently in use at Google Search. Google also provides a brief explanation of each ranking system. Note, some of these are multiple systems, that are combined with other processes that work together so that Google Search delivers quality results and some are single systems.

BERT: According to Google, BERT stands for Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers. It is an AI system Google uses that allows us to understand how combinations of words express different meanings and intent.

  • Crisis information systems
    • Personal crisis
    • SOS Alerts
  • Deduplication systems
  • Deduplication systems
  • The exact match domain system 
  • Freshness system
  • Helpful content system
  • Link analysis systems and PageRank
  • Local news system
  • MUM
  • Neural matching
  • Original content system
  • Removal-based demotion system 
    • Legal removals 
    • Personal information removals
  • Page experience system
  • Passage ranking system
  • Product reviews system
  • RankBrain
  • Reliable information systems
  • Site diversity system
  • Spam detection systems

Retired Ranking systems.

The following are the old ranking systems that Google may had replace or not in use. Some of these are either been incorporated into successor systems or made part of Google's core ranking systems.

  • Hummingbird
  • Mobile-friendly ranking system
  • Page speed system
  • Panda system
  • Penguin system
  • Secure site system

With the release of this helpful and detailed document, Google says "this centralized page will help creators and others to learn more about Google's notable systems."

Additionally, this will also make clear about the Google updates details and their purposes. 

This is incredibly helpful for identifying which larger ranking systems continue to be used and which ones are no longer. This list is also helpful for understanding how each system is utilized, how Google defines it, and what it means for Search Results.

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