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Google Testing New Features on Search Results

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We all know that Google continuously tries to better its service, for any purpose, for user interaction, or for users' security and privacy policy. Recently Google did have made some changes to its search results and also to its ranking factors with the core updates.

Today, I just saw something new on Google Search Results. There are two things that I have noticed -

  1. Search text change to clean Bold with the drop-down 
  2. Tab features on search results
Other than this if have seen something can share it in the comments section.

Bold Search Text with the Drop-Down

Currently, on writing anything on the search box of Google, the font style is simple with no effects. But now Google is testing the feature with the Searched Query making it Bold. In the below image you can check that the search text is showing in bold and before that there is a drop-down button with the suggesting keyword. 

On testing this, I found that this result I am getting only in the Chrome browser. I have tested the same thing on Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox but the changes are not showing. 

Tab Feature on Google Search

This seems very interesting, as the tab feature in the search results gives very to-the-point information for the query users are looking for.

On digging into this feature, I found that Google categorizes the information available on the website and shows it in the Tab format. On further checking, I found that Google took the <H2> tag for the division of the content and fetched it on search results.

This looks somehow similar to the content of the table but it's different.  For example, let's say-
I have the content and on that, I have three sub-headings with the <H2> tags. Then Google will check the content of the site and display the result with the Sub-Heading as the Tab title. 

Note: Google won't treat all Sub-Heading on Tab features. It depends on what information you are serving under that Sub-Heading.

If your information is to the point and with well brief details then Google treats that Sub-Heading in Tab feature. In SEO also, using subheadings on your blog post is a good practice. 

I am not that good at SEO, like experts but like to hear from the SEO community on these changes in the Google Search Result.

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