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AMD Announced Ryzen 6000 Processor with Microsoft Pluton Security Features

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AMD has launched their new Ryzen 6000 laptop processors, and they’re the first to include Microsoft’s new Pluton security processor - a chip designed to bring Xbox-like security features to Windows PCs. It helps you keep your hardware and digital data securely.

Surprisingly, AMD is the first out of the door with new CPUs that support an exciting new security feature. Pluton chip will protect against emerging attacks, helping to safeguard your data in Windows devices, both mobile and desktop. Windows users will be able to block attack vectors and new hacks before they have a chance to work.

Microsoft has drawn some insights from Xbox, an Xbox console with physical attack protections, to apply them to Windows computers. Pluton is akin to extensions of the Trusted Platform Module (TPM), which are implemented directly into the CPUs.

“Ryzen 6000 series will be the first PC processors that integrate the Microsoft Pluton security processor,” said AMD CEO Lisa Su during a CES 2022 press conference today. “Our co-development work with Microsoft eliminates entire attack vectors on notebooks, better protecting critical data like system credentials, user identities, encryption keys, and personal information.”

The new AMD Ryzen 6000 CPU is almost double the graphics performance of the previous CPU (Ryzen 5000 CPU) and offers hardware ray tracing. The GPU has been increased by 50%.

The Ryzen 6000 chips will come in H-series (35W and 45W models) for powerful gaming and creative devices, as well as U-series (15W to 28W) aimed at thin & light laptops.

Gaming, VR, and multimedia tasks will be faster than ever with this new AMD Ryzen 6000 processor. Featuring USB4 with data transfer rates at up to 40Gbps, PCIe Gen 4, DDR5 that offers data rates of 4,000 MT/s & LPDDR5 that offers data rates of 3200 MT/s. HDMI 2.1 with support for high frame rates and VRR, Wi-Fi 6E, and Bluetooth LE 5.2.

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