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Happy Holidays Everyone With Santa Tracker. Track Santa on Google.

Google started tracking Santa Claus on December 24th on the annual special site “Let's chase Google Santa (”. Currently, on the site, you can check the route that Santa Claus has travelled and where he is now on a map, and you can see the current state of Santa in the image. You can also check the number of gifts you have given out.

About Google Santa Tracker

Santa's chase was originally in 1955 when the phone number of NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command, then Central Defense Air Force Base) commander's hotline was mistakenly added to the Christmas advertisement as Santa Claus's phone number. 

It originated from being posted as. It all started when the captain, who received a call from his child, said he had confirmed Santa on the radar. 

This year, NORAD is tracking Santa and is posting information on its site. The difference in Santa's position between Google and NORAD seems to be due to the difference in the information network.

Track Santa While Playing 

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In addition to Santa's current state, the site has various contents for good children, such as games, digital picture books, programming learning materials, educational apps, and Santa's animation. If you can't sleep because you can't wait for the present, try using it.

The recommended content is "Let's assemble quickly". It's a game where you just collect toy parts and put them in a gift box, but the floor is frozen and the penguins are useless, but they wander around and get in the way. At the end of the day, there are places where you have to cross the floor that moves on the shaft, so it's not easy.

It seems that the arrival in Japan will be around midnight on December 25th. Please note that if you do not sleep by then, you may miss the gift. i

Here's another mini-game from Google's Santa tracker. Here,  a person who managed to legitimately avoid work on Christmas Eve. Smart, that one. Smart.

The game is fun, but you just have to make sure that the springs work properly. That’s it.

Santa is cruising into Finland, the somewhat contested home of Santa Claus. Some believe St. Nicholas emerged from Turkey, but the Fins are certain the bearded one emerged from Korvatunturi, a fell in Lapland. Either way, it's a fair bet Claus will spend a little extra time in his adopted homeland, even if only to set the record straight and remind people that he may have sprung in full from Macy's in New York.

Santa's now in Europe, delivering presents across Vienna and Slovakia

It's 04:30 AM (IST), Santa's reached Tunisia, and the northernmost point of Africa, according to NORAD's tracker. The bearded big guy is barreling north, having crisscrossed Africa.

And now it's almost morning (05:20 AM IST) Next stop: Belfast, Ireland, as Santa puts a bow on England and Europe.

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