Telegram Introduce Ad Service for its Channels

Telegram to offer a subscription service to disable ads.

The founder of the Telegram messenger Pavel Durov announced that the launch of a paid subscription, which turns off official advertising in channels, is planned for this month - in accordance with the wishes of users. 

In addition, he noted that it is also planned to introduce such a service for channel owners, but at the present time, there is a miscalculation of economic conditions.

The support team of the Telegram messenger has presented its own advertising platform, with the help of which channels that have more than a thousand subscribers will be able to publish paid messages. 

From now on, it is important to know the following about advertising messages in Telegram: 

  • It will appear in public channels from 1000 readers and will be limited to 160 characters. 
  • It will also correspond to the topic of the channel in which they are shown.
  • Context-based advertising.
  • Privacy-conscious ads.
Furthermore, the content of advertising messages will depend solely on the topics of the channels in which they are displayed, but not on the personal data of users. Telegram will not show promotional messages in your chat list, private conversations or groups.
Ads are expected to only show on large channels whose admins are already placing paid ads. The support team emphasizes that supporting large channels at some point becomes a tangible burden for Telegram. Therefore, compensation of expenses by publishing advertising in this situation seems to be the only possible solution.

They also promised in Telegram that official advertising messages in Telegram would be as comfortable and unobtrusive as possible. The content paid by advertisers will appear in the group only after the user has viewed all new messages there. Finally, paid posts can only contain text descriptions - no external links or photos.

Regarding Users Privacy

In a message on the official website, the Telegram support team assured that no user data will be collected and will not be analyzed by specialists to set up targeted advertising. That is, each user viewing a certain channel in the messenger will see the same advertising "posts" as everyone else

The Durov Code Telegram channel also showed how the advertiser's personal account would look like. It is extremely important to mention two points here:

  • the cost of advertising in the messenger is from 2 euros per 1000 impressions;
  • minimum advertising budget - from 2 million euros (there is no description);
  • of this money, the messenger will allow 1 million euros to be spent on advertising, and another 1 million euros will be frozen as a deposit;
  • if the contract between Telegram and the advertiser is terminated, and at this point, the advertiser does not have time to spend 10 million euros on advertising over the past 12 months, then Telegram takes a deposit of 1 million euros.

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