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Google Will Fix Your Compromised Passwords in One Click

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As you all know, Google has announced Android version 12 in  Google I/O 2021 event, which they specially focus on Design and Security and they also quoted it "Privacy by Design". Within that Google introduced a very useful feature by which Google will fix your weak or compromised (hacked) password with a single click.

When you are not using a password manager for your online accounts credential that means you may be using the same credential for different accounts. This put all your account security at risk, that because you may get a victim of a credential stuffing attack. 

A credential stuffing attack works on the premise that people reuse passwords. That shouldn’t be true, but alas, it is. So when your favourite service suffers a breach and your username and password combination gets stolen, hackers will try that information at another site to see if it works. That’s why you should use a different password for every account.

But even if you are using a password manager and you don't know that your password has been among them which were hacked and leaked. Even if you know that it takes lots of time to open the manager app and make changes. For these things, Google's latest updates to chrome will solve this. 

In the meantime, if you are using Chrome browser and saving your password to Chrome, it can perform a checkup of your account information. If it finds your credentials in a known leaked database, Chrome will let you know so you can change your passwords. And to do this don't even need to open any password manager app or things. The new update to Google Chrome will solve all these for you with just a click.

All you have to do is visit the Password Checkup page and just click on the Check Password button. Google new AI feature will check your details against the known stolen database. If all goes good then your details are safe else if it found any data in the leaked database it will give the option to change the password and you just need to click Change Password, all thing will be done automatically. Google will set a random (strong) password for and notify you. (check above gif image).

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