Microsoft Editor coming to Offline MS Office word

Grammar checker and Microsoft AI coming to MS Office word

The Windows 10 desktop version of Word will become more intelligent, and Microsoft has added a grammar check function for it, called "Microsoft Editor" . This feature has been provided in the online version of Word before, and now the desktop version can also be used.

"Microsoft Editor" uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology. When users use Microsoft products such as Word or Outlook, it can find spelling and grammatical errors in real time. After upgrading Word, you can open your documents in Microsoft Word, and free editing tools will help you correct any grammatical errors.

Different from the existing typos in Word, the level of "Microsoft Editor" is one level higher. It uses AI to check all the elements in your document, and then displays suggestions to provide you with formatting, spelling, grammar, and common sense. And other references.

Office Word adds a new feature "Microsoft Editor": check and correct grammatical errors

You can select a sentence, and when it is highlighted, Word will display the modification suggestions provided by Microsoft AI. According to the suggestions, you can modify the sentence appropriately or rewrite it completely. You can also select a word and press Shift+F10 or Alt+Down to enter the suggestion interface.

It is worth mentioning that Word will also provide plagiarism checking tools to ensure that your article "correctly" cite documents. The new "Microsoft Editor" will also support Word's upcoming dark mode .

At present, this feature has been opened to some test users in Word 2010 (Build 13328.20000).

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