New SIM Card Bug is Worse than Ever

Another critical SIM Card vulnerability found worse than earlier ones

Regarding the SIM card vulnerability issue, the Simjacker vulnerability was exposed some time ago. After the vulnerability is mastered by hackers, it can monitor the target users by sending SMS messages, affecting many mobile phone users. The incident is getting worse now, the researchers found that there is another loophole in the SIM card, the name is WIBattack.

The vulnerability was introduced by the Ginno Security Lab. The vulnerability also infects the phone via SMS, which threatens the wireless Internet browser on the SIM card and controls the phone function. If the hacker controls the user's mobile phone through this vulnerability, it will get the user's location information, and can also point the user to the phishing website, and even charge long-distance calls.

Of course, if your SIM card has critical security features enabled, hackers cannot attack by SMS. At present, it is not clear how many mobile phones will be affected by this, but as long as the SIM card with wireless Internet browser functions, it will theoretically face threats, affecting more than 100 million mobile phones.

Furthermore, the vulnerabilities of the SIM card during this period, basically the mobile phone is controlled by the program on the SIM card. To put it bluntly, this should be a problem with the underlying technology of SIM card manufacturers. It is not clear whether the virtual SIM card can avoid this problem.
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