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Hacker Puts Third Batch of Hacked Database on Sale

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A couple of days ago, we have reported that a hacker going with the alias Gnosticplayers had put the second batch of the hacked data for sale on the dark web including eight new companies. Now again, the same hacker puts the third collection of the hacked database on the Dark Web marketplace known as Dream Market.

This time also hacker published eight more hacked database containing data for 92.76 million users, which together worth 2.6249 bitcoin ($9,400). The third collection includes data from GfyCat also which is one of the popular Gifs hosting and sharing platform.

ZDNet reported that on the conversion to the hacker, who says he intends to sell over one billion user records and then disappear with the money. So if we take a look back on earlier database collection which is 620 million, 127 million and now 92.76 million, which makes 840 million (roundup figure). That means more 160 million of data is coming up.
Furthermore, the hacker told ZDNet that the next collection will be of a cryptocurrency exchange.

Eight companies whose data has been puts of sale on the third collection haven't disclosed any data breach yet. Furthermore, GfyCat has started an investigation on hackers claims.
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