Grab That Job In IT That You Always Wanted

How Can You Get That Job In IT That You Always Wanted?
If you're sick and tired of advancing the dreams of others and you're ready to invest in yourself, congratulations on finally waking up! Now that you're "woke" what's the next step?
Landing that dream job in IT without formal training may seem like an impossible uphill battle, but it's far from impossible. Long gone are the days where you had to take the traditional path towards more knowledge.
Nowadays, a quick Google search and some free time can
have you on your way to obtaining quality IT training, Cisco training and even Cisco certificates. Here are some tips on how you can land that new dream job in IT.

Free Online Courses

Not everyone has the budget or time to go back to school or take formal training courses. The good thing is that some college courses are available online...for free. There are plenty of websites offering the same kind of training that college students receive, but for the five
finger discount. They have curriculums, tests, and will offer a certificate to you upon completion. You would then find out where and when you can officially test for whatever competency you are looking to master. These tests are not free, so it's imperative that you are confident in your knowledge before you test.

The only downside to these programs is the fact that there is no formal teacher or instructor. You are on your own. There are always people standing by to help guide you through, but for the most part, you're on your own. Another downside is some businesses don't really acknowledge the certificates as official because of the source. This is only a good option for certain courses. The more technical courses of a degree are often not offered online for free.

Associates over Bachelors

If you do have the time and budget to go back to school, then consider the less stressful Associate's degree. If you're 5-10 years removed from school, going back can be a culture shock, let alone trying to balance your current life with the stress of school. While an Associates are not glamorous, you still get:
  • Hands on IT training
  • Teacher/student dynamic
  • Certification testing
  • A formal and recognized degree
Depending on the IT field you plan on entering, an Associates is more than enough. The downside is that other IT hubs may require several years of experience under your belt in lieu of the Associates. You may also not be able to command the high salary you've been working so hard and long to reach. 

In the end, choose what works best for you. If you're the type that has a high level of discipline and can focus and study on your own, free online courses are a good way to go. You can set your own pace and schedule and finish as fast or slow as you want. If you work better under someone's tutelage, find a good reputable school with an Associate's program that will get you the training you need, for cheap AND less time than it would take to gain a Bachelor's this late in the game.
Whichever path you choose, keep investing in yourself and your dreams. In a few months to a few years, you can sit pretty at that new IT job you've always dreamed of.
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