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3 Easy Tools Beginners Should Use in Video Editors

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The first time that you launch a video editor, you may be taken aback by the sheer number of tools that it contains. Learning how each one of these tools works can take time, and being able to apply them effectively will require some experience.

That being said there are some tools that beginners can take advantage of quite easily, and they are the perfect place to start:

  • Split
The split tool will basically do what it states, and let you split your video into segments. After a video has been split you can remove the part that you don’t want, or you can rearrange the order that your footage is in.
In most timeline-based video editors, splitting a video is very easy. Normally all you’ll need to do is position a marker at the point where you want to split the video, then click on a button to split it.

  • Crop
The crop tool will remove part of the outer areas of your video frame by deleting it. That will not only allow you to remove unwanted areas from your video but more importantly, it will give you control over the aspect ratio and let you re-frame the video if need be.

Re-framing a video can be a particularly powerful way to edit it, as you can adjust the frame to improve the video’s composition. Using composition techniques such as the rule of thirds as a guideline can help on that front.

While the crop tool is often structured differently in various editors, in most cases you’ll either need to select the area that you want to remove – or just directly adjust the frame so that everything outside the new frame is removed.

  • Automated white balance
Although cameras often have automated white balance features of their own, very often adjustments are required during post-production. Admittedly manually adjusting the white balance will give you more control, but the automated white balance feature in most video editors is an easy place to start.

Because this is a feature that is fully automated, all that you’ll need to do is find it and click on it to apply it to your video. The manual color settings should be somewhere nearby as well, and if you want you could try adjusting them to get a better idea of how each one affects your video.

Each of the tools listed above should be available in any editor or movie maker for Mac or PC, for example, you could use Movavi Video Editor for Mac. As you can see they are easy to apply, and won’t require much experience for you to take full advantage of what they can do.

At the end of the day starting to edit your videos with these tools is a good step to take, and it will let you familiarize yourself with the editor that you’re using. As you edit your videos you could also experiment with some of the other tools, and slowly build up a bit more experience as well.
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