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GoDaddy Exposed Massive Amount Of Sensitive Data via Unsecured AWS Buckets

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A researcher from Upguard found a leaky AWS bucket, which was exposing the sensitive data of Godaddy's customers available publicly over the internet. The leaky or unsecured AWS bucket contains configuration information such as hostname, operating system, workload, AWS region, memory and CPU specs, and much more.

A security firm, Upguard found the publically readable Amazon S3 bucket contains several spreadsheet files that contain data about Data Legend, GDDY Machine Raw Data, Summary, Compute, Storage, Instance Mapping, Spot and Price List.

There was information of about 31,000 Godaddy systems which was having a multiple version of data. The spreadsheets contain 41 different columns on individual systems.
Upguard noted that the leaked data doesn't expose any sensitive information that stored in the servers, but this configuration leaks could be used by the cybercriminals to perform various types of attacks. It can also give a much information to attackers to launch a high profile attack.

Godaddy is the world’s leading domain registrar with over 18 million customers with over 76M domain names. Upguard found this unsecured amazon S3 bucket on June 19th and they reported this issue to Godaddy on June26th.
Amazon’s S3 storage buckets are private by default, only the permitted users can access the bucket, but due to misconfiguration’s the data are exposed to public access.

This was not the first time that UpGarud found unsecured AWS S3 buckets. Earlier also they have found many buckets of different high profiled organization which are exposing sensitive information. Lastly, Upguard reported another leaky bucket of size 157GB, that was exposing sensitive data from top manufacturer including Ford, Toyota, GM, Tesla.
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