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Create Tor Version of Any Website With this Tool

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As users privacy and security is one of the major concerns for any organizations, and hence always prefer to have a secure digital infrastructure. Facebook had also opt to go on dark web and launched a onion version of its site for more secure and anonymous.

To create a site on dark web (TOR Network) will need technical knowledge and hence is not much easy to design a site and make it live on dark web.

But an independent security researcher named Alec Muffett, have developed a tool called "The Enterprise Onion Toolkit" which will help to create a dark version of any websites. This means this tool will create a mirror of the web site on the TOR onion network.

This tool is a selection of scripts that will quickly generate a Tor hidden service address and get your dark web site up and running. It will make 90 percent of your work done and just a little bit handy stuff to perform.

Essentially, the hidden service runs as a middle-point between the visitor and the real site. Ideally, organizations would make their own dark web version of sites they actually control, so they can also use their own valid cryptographic certificate. Without that, users may have to accept a lot of browser errors to get through to the actual site content.

Muffett have demonstrate the working of this tool on a video demonstration, where he shows the creating of site on onion network with just a simple steps.
You can also make or create your site on secure TOR network easily with this. Also you can get all the troubleshooting problems on GitHub.

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