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Clash of Clans Forum Hacked, Millions users data Leaked

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Another Day and Another Hack !
Popular and addict game, Clash of Clans which is owned by Supercell is the latest victims of the data breach. Cyber crooks have targeted Supercell's community forum and about one million of users data have been stolen. 

On the statement Supercell have warned its all users about the latest data breached that firm has been suffered.
“Our preliminary investigation suggests that the breach happened in September 2016 and it has since been fixed,” - statement says.

According to the Motherboard, the data that they had received for verification consist of usernames, email addresses, IP addresses, and hashed passwords. As the Supercell community forum running on vBulletin that stores passwords in encrypted manner are easy to crack for hackers. 

Breach notification site LeakeBase have notified that the stolen data that it received contains information of about 1.1 million users.
“We take any such breaches very seriously and we follow very strict policies when it comes to security. Please note that this breach only affects our Forum service. Game accounts have not been affected,”- supercell said on statement.

On statement Supercell clearly mention that only forum service has been affected by the hack, game account credentials of users is safe. But then also we recommend our users to change the password of the associate account like Google or Facebook, which are used by user on game to login and save the game progress.

Earlier also there are many exploit published online that effects forum running vBulletin software, which was users by hackers in wild. If site is using the secure CMS then also it always recommend to have a strong and unique passwords for the online accounts. This is because if hackers get into your login details, it get difficult to crack the hash for them. If one of the site gets compromised hackers won't just be able to go and use your stolen password on another service as well.
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This is not the first time that hackers have targeted that Supercell, earlier also in 2014 hackers had hacked Supercell administrative panel and Facebook page.
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