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Facebook Bug Bounty: Again India at First Position

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It was five years that Facebook have started bug bounty program , and on this milestone there are  numerous security researcher have submitted the bug to Facebook team under this program. A security engineer of facebook bug bounty team Joey Tyson - have wrote on the note about the five years of adventure.

He wrote facebook had paid more than  5 millions of bounty reward to the hackers in these  5 years. Joey mention that they had a great experience in solving the bug with the numerous researcher around the world.
Facebook had also added Whatsapp (instant messing service acquired by Facebook) to its bug bounty program, and `expanded payment options to include Bitcoin, and switched to an automated payment process so facebook can pay researchers faster.

In the first half on this year (Jan- June 2016), Facebook had received
  • More than 9,000 reports in the first half of 2016.
  • Paid a total of $611,741 to 149 researchers, bringing our cumulative five-year total to more than $5 million paid to more than 900 researchers.
This year also researcher from India have  submitted highest number of  valid and high severity bug, followed by USA and Mexico.

Last couple of month an Indian security researcher have discovered a way to hack any facebook page and can perform any admin task from Facebook business portal. For this bug facebook rewarded $16000 to him.

From last couple of years Indian security researchers leading the first position and maintain it. 

Big congratulations to all Indian hackers and researchers for the  achievement.

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