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NSA Hacked! Bunch on Hacking tools Leaked

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A group of hackers going by the name “The Shadow Brokersclaims to have penetrated an NSA-backed hacking operation, and has leaked a bunch of hacking tools it claims is from the NSA. But that’s not all: the Shadow Brokers claim to have much more data, and are currently hosting a Bitcoin auction to sell it off to the highest bidder.

The hackers claim to have penetrated something called the “Equation Group,” a hacking organization widely believe to be the NSA. Asampling of the stolen files already posted shows similarity between the files and information revealed about the NSA’s hacking operations in the Snowden leaks.

The files mostly appear to be hacking tools and scripts, although it’s unclear how much the hackers made off with. Their announcement on Pastebin specifically keeps the details of the stolen files a secret, since “Equation Group not know what lost. We want Equation Group to bid so we keep secret.”

Some of the security expert have tested least of leaked data and found that it contains several exploits for popular firewalls including Cisco, Juniper and Fortinet.

Hackers group Shadow Brokers have posted the leaked data on GitHub. Unfortunately GitHub had deleted the leaked database.

As NSA had successfully got hacked and this is one of the highest profile and most serious hack of this year.

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